Monday, Monday

Hi everyone!!! How funny is this pic of me and Kylie when we were younger? Our faces are priceless!!

I’ve put a ton more of my Instagram pics in this gallery since I know some of you don’t have Instagram. Hope you’re all having a great Monday so far!

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  1. Ferlou Oscar |  Posted at 12:00 pm Mar 26th

    too cute xx

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    iPatri92 |  Posted at 12:10 pm Mar 26th

    Lindas *.*

  3. missjenner |  Posted at 1:38 pm Mar 26th

    hahahahaah sooo cute!! i love yoooooooou!
    i just posted an other picture of you when you were younger on my blog!!!
    hahaha, sorry if im spamming, i just really want you to see my blog, i love you so much aosjdhal

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    pauljohn |  Posted at 7:28 pm Mar 26th

    cute :)

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    ChristineO |  Posted at 7:50 pm Mar 26th

    Wow.Absolutely Cute. I like you both and I love you Both. :)

  6. Michelle Amalfitano |  Posted at 10:16 pm Mar 26th

    I love it Dolls

  7. Jill Tidwell |  Posted at 10:38 pm Mar 26th

    Cute pictures. I love the whole family.

  8. Australia1996 |  Posted at 1:13 am Mar 27th

    cutes photos of you two i’ve seen yet

  9. Ward Lacey III |  Posted at 3:09 pm Apr 1st

    Very cute picture . Put some of your pictures in my newspaper

  10. Kdoll |  Posted at 9:12 am Apr 2nd

    So cuteeeeee, even the clothes are the same. Nicee! xx

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