More Pics from Blank

Kendall Jenner Featured In Blank Magazine Spread
Pics from inside BLANK mag spread!

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  1. Svend la Rose |  Posted at 7:29 pm Dec 12th

    The over-whitened, washed-out look is incompatible with your vivacious, sanguine temperament. If it depicts some idea other than yourself, however, then it is an excellent work.

  2. Aubrey Santulio |  Posted at 12:34 am Dec 13th

    incredibly perfect!

  3. LovesBabes1 |  Posted at 4:03 pm Dec 13th

    Picture on the right looks like you a holding/smoking a cigarette.

  4. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 11:45 pm Dec 13th

    solid pic..

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