morning face, yooo

Mar 21, 2013 | morning face, yooo by KendallJenner on

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  1. Eyad Mustafa |  Posted at 10:35 am Mar 21st

    The most beautiful girl I’ve seen are: Kendall Jenner

    I hope that the grace of God girl beauty: (

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      abgal12345 |  Posted at 10:45 am Mar 21st

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      ssee |  Posted at 12:02 pm Mar 21st

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  2. Frank |  Posted at 10:41 am Mar 21st

    So cute..omg

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    ash atwood |  Posted at 11:04 am Mar 21st

    Check out this blog related to Kendall’s style!

  4. Tarule Shakur |  Posted at 11:26 am Mar 21st

    good morning angel face :)

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    ST |  Posted at 1:50 am Apr 1st

    morning gorgeous ;) hehe..

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