Kendall Jenner shares Good Morning Instagram

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  1. caromiss75 |  Posted at 4:14 pm Mar 13th

    Love these pics! The top one is so cute!

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    jaojdj3434 |  Posted at 12:11 am Mar 14th

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    ash atwood |  Posted at 8:32 am Mar 14th

    Hi everyone! Check out this tumblr about Kendall’s style! x

    • avatar |  Posted at 12:36 pm Mar 23rd

      I have just looked at the tumblr. It is amazing and I have ordered everything which is exactly the same as Kendall’s. Thanks xxx

  4. avatar |  Posted at 12:32 pm Mar 23rd

    I am your number 1 fan. I love you guys way too much and I would do absolutely anything to meet you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    candy3 |  Posted at 6:26 am Apr 10th

    Do u feel scared walking down the runway

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