My Beautiful Sister

Kylie Jenner Takes Picture of Sister Khloe Kardashian
My beautiful sister @khloekardashian

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    frrfr |  Posted at 5:00 pm Mar 8th

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      ssee |  Posted at 7:35 pm Mar 8th

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  2. Kɑtrinɑ Diɑmond |  Posted at 5:02 pm Mar 8th

    such a doll.

  3. Jennifer Lynn |  Posted at 3:34 am Mar 9th

    she is real beautiful…..even though all of you live in California and the standards are real different there but she isn’t fat.

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    loveyouguys |  Posted at 2:42 pm Mar 9th

    U Guys Rock I Would Use One Wish If I Had One To Be Like You Guys I Love Yall So Much That I Would Love To Watch A Show With Only You Guys To See How You Guys Like To Live And Everything That You Guys Do…..

  5. Johnny N Maisha Tawasha |  Posted at 6:12 pm Mar 12th

    I see your sisters are doing the Lily hair!

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    ST |  Posted at 10:47 pm Mar 15th


  7. avatar |  Posted at 12:46 pm Mar 23rd

    You”re right she is beautiful but then again your whole family is! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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