My Blank Magazine Cover!

Kendall Jenner Covers Blank Magazine's Fashion Issue
I’m on the cover of Blank Magazine‘s fashion issue, out now!

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  1. yesac101 |  Posted at 4:09 pm Dec 12th

    Holy Fuck! You look incredible! You are so gonna be a Victoria Secrets Angel!

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    joserjuniorr |  Posted at 4:16 pm Dec 12th

    AMAZING… I really want to know your favorites songs at now! PLEASE and I lov you.

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    BrittanyD |  Posted at 4:36 pm Dec 12th

    Love it Love it Love it. Love this kind of shoots more than the “pretty pretty” ones. This one is different and way cooler <3

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    teresajoerger |  Posted at 6:08 pm Dec 12th

    Kendall u freakin blow me away. There is now way u r only 17. This pic and the one with the large black hat are my two fans. U r so gorgeous girl!

  5. Sarah M. Geiblinger |  Posted at 4:59 am Dec 13th

    this is amazing gorgeous! I’m I huge fan of yours :) greets from austria :D

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    ST |  Posted at 11:36 pm Dec 13th

    insane cover hehe. umm ur nails real? so cute

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