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    jennie45689 |  Posted at 5:34 pm Feb 15th

    Unbelievable… My friend Emily has just married to a handsome wealthy guy
    They met through ~~SeekingŔich.Ćoм~~ a good place to talk with successful wealthy guys and beautiful classy women (athletes,doctors,CEOs,models,lawyers,celebrities,etc….)perhaps you can have a try

  2. Hugo William Berglin |  Posted at 8:49 am Feb 18th

    Hey, me and my friends are comming to LA this summer! We are from Sweden and we are 18 years old, it would be really cool if we could mabye met up? We can get to know each other before like if we skype with each other? I think you would really like us, we are fun to hang out with and we love to go crazy! We are really into fashion just like you and we just became modells for a Swedish clothing company. Don’t think we are wierd or stalkers or anything, we saw your tv show once and we think that you guys seem really cool and fun!! And we are just like that to, so if you want some new friends from Sweden you can mabye add me on skype hugo.berglin or give me a call +46703606710. You don’t know what your missing YOLO!!!

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    ST |  Posted at 12:05 am Feb 26th


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