My Little Muffin Pop!

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My little muffin pop!

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  1. Antone Blue |  Posted at 12:37 pm Jul 3rd

    Hi there that a awesome pic

  2. Danyell Elsenpeter |  Posted at 12:38 pm Jul 3rd

    feel free to borrow me those shoes.. kthanks. :)

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    KylieJSuperfan |  Posted at 12:56 pm Jul 3rd

    WOW Girls ye are so stunning <3 Kylie I love u so much <3 You are so amazing. I want your outfits so bad :L

  4. Douglas Lopez |  Posted at 2:36 pm Jul 3rd

    Cuties…Awesome background too.

  5. Elizabeth Lozada |  Posted at 4:54 pm Jul 3rd

    u guys are pretty

  6. K&KFan |  Posted at 3:52 am Jul 4th

    Those are some amazingly short dresses you girls are wearing. You both have incredible legs and your feet look so sexy in those shoes too. What kind of underwear do you girls like to wear?

  7. kylie<3 |  Posted at 6:50 am Jul 4th

    Oh, my, gosh, I love that picture <3

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    Kyle4444 |  Posted at 8:12 am Jul 4th

    WOW!! Beautiful!!

  9. Lou Harper |  Posted at 10:27 am Jul 5th

    Bitches are back.

  10. Nomio Gabriel |  Posted at 8:44 pm Jul 5th

    so beautiful girls . i really like from mongolia

  11. kteam |  Posted at 12:26 am Jul 6th

    Love this photo! (: Both of you guys are my inspirations/icons. You guys are beautiful + the background is beautiful too! (:

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    Aileen101 |  Posted at 8:22 pm Jul 9th

    you look cute kendall and kylie

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    kkklove |  Posted at 1:17 pm Jul 10th

    Love this photo!! Kendall, Kylie you are my inspiration/irolemodel. I look up to you in everyway. You are so beautiful!

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    ST |  Posted at 11:21 pm Jul 17th

    nice shots.. i luv the backround…u both looks stunningggg. loveee ya’

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