Kendall Jenner Instagram Photos Mysterious

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    1. Tammy Nguyen |  Posted at 9:11 am Jul 21st


    2. Tammy Nguyen |  Posted at 9:11 am Jul 21st

      Your so pretty Kendall, it’s insane. -___- <3

    3. Tammy Nguyen |  Posted at 9:11 am Jul 21st

      Your so pretty Kendall, it’s insane. -___- <3

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      tgirl4ever |  Posted at 9:26 am Jul 21st

      Wow kendall gorgeous if u can reply plz do im a big fan ttylxox

    5. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted at 10:31 am Jul 21st

      So pretty

      www. haideeandco.blogspot .com

    6. Vira Jenner Scherzinger |  Posted at 2:20 pm Jul 21st


    7. avatar |  Posted at 5:07 pm Jul 21st

      You look like you was from the 60′s

    8. Mason Sean Carter |  Posted at 5:37 pm Jul 21st

      Kendall’s pic is mysterious,sensual and sleek.she must be a girl with sensitivity

    9. gretbj303 |  Posted at 5:56 pm Jul 21st

      kendall you are so pretty its crazy!!!!

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      SarahNicole |  Posted at 6:08 pm Jul 21st

      G O R G E O U S

    11. kteam |  Posted at 6:44 pm Jul 21st

      Kendall you are so gorgeous <3

    12. LoLa |  Posted at 7:06 pm Jul 21st

      Woooooooooooooooow sexayyy girl
      You look seductive Kenny is this for Sherri Hill or some campaign?

    13. MissMiss |  Posted at 10:54 am Jul 23rd

      wow !!
      I also think it’s for Sherri hill :)

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      vanessa_diaz<3 |  Posted at 12:29 pm Jul 23rd

      look at you kendall u look amazing

    15. Chris Fortney |  Posted at 11:51 pm Jul 23rd

      Kendall and Kylie I am a huge fan and I watch your show everyday! I think both of you are some of the prettiest girls I have ever seen! I live in LA and it would be such an honor to meet you guys and talk to you guys! I hope sometime we can meet because it would make me so happy! Thank you! :)

    16. heartxbeat |  Posted at 3:43 pm Jul 25th

      Kenya is so beautiful, she such a great model. One day she will be on the chanel runaway …

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      Erikk |  Posted at 3:51 pm Jul 26th

      Looking very lovely.

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      ST |  Posted at 11:12 pm Jul 29th

      u must be a super model kendall jenner hahaha :D. love ya’

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