New Pic from Our Sherri Hill Prom Dress Shoot!

Kendall Jenner in Sherri Hill Photo Shoot

Here’s a brand new, never-before-seen pic from our Sherri Hill¬†shoot. LOVE it! :) This dress was incredible!

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    BrittanyD |  Posted at 7:20 am Aug 25th

    So pretty <3

  2. Kendall&KylieAreMyInspiration |  Posted at 7:25 am Aug 25th

    your amazing !

  3. Australia1996 |  Posted at 7:34 am Aug 25th

    Kendall you’re a amazing persom inside and out

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    lovethejennerfam |  Posted at 7:49 pm Aug 25th


  5. hania17 |  Posted at 12:52 am Aug 26th

    Kendall you are so beautiful :) love you

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    cecilie124 |  Posted at 2:33 am Aug 26th

    You are both so pretty Kendall! I have a blog to but I write it in norwegian, but maybe you can look at it!

  7. Jaymart23 |  Posted at 12:28 pm Aug 26th

    You are amazingly beautiful and my dream girl and I promise Im going to meet you one day and marry you

  8. Jaymart23 |  Posted at 12:45 pm Aug 26th


  9. hania17 |  Posted at 9:59 pm Aug 26th

    Hi kendall and is now 6:57 here in germany.i am getting ready for school.good night in l.a. :)

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    ST |  Posted at 8:46 am Aug 27th

    so gorgeous : ))

  11. Kenny Burnside |  Posted at 7:35 pm Aug 28th

    so sexy

  12. Noble Danso |  Posted at 4:49 pm Oct 25th

    keep the good looks and the beauty from your deeps within ………..

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    beauty228 |  Posted at 9:26 pm Dec 17th

    WOW print dresses are wonderful! I have found some colorful party dresses

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