New Snuggle Buddy

Kendall Jenner New Snuggle Buddy Instagram


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  1. Nazik Markarian |  Posted at 5:00 pm Aug 1st

    its from Costco ;)

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    eriika25 |  Posted at 8:56 pm Aug 1st

    so cuteee!

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    IrishLass |  Posted at 7:43 am Aug 2nd

    Kendall….Can you PLEASE tweet my niece? She’s a huge fan and starts Mercy High School in Burlingame, CA on the 13th of August. She follows you on Twitter. Her name is Deirdre Bonitz. Could you PLEASE tweet her some sort of “Good Luck Deirdre starting Mercy B (the B is for Burlingame).” She is a genuinely nice, beautiful girl and super humble. It would MAKE her YEAR! Thank you! Eileen

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    selenaloveforever |  Posted at 8:30 pm Aug 4th

    I love this!!! I bought one!!! And its like the best thing in the world and so freaking cumfy!

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    Lipstick600 |  Posted at 5:04 am Aug 5th

    Aww. So cute!

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    ST |  Posted at 6:47 am Aug 6th

    yeahhh teddy bear : ))

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    feliciarae1208 |  Posted at 2:07 pm Aug 8th

    my boyfriend got me the same bear earlier this year :)

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