Kendall Jenner Obama Grocery Shopping Instagram
Obama doing some post election grocery shopping.

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  1. Melissa Bolaños Cataño |  Posted at 5:07 pm Nov 7th

    that’s not Obama.. lol

  2. JT Etana |  Posted at 5:10 pm Nov 7th


  3. Julia Nicholson |  Posted at 5:15 pm Nov 7th

    Omg ! did u say hi?

  4. avatar
    Ximena2908 |  Posted at 5:28 pm Nov 7th

    It’s President Obama. Have a little more respect, kiddo.

  5. Lee John |  Posted at 5:36 pm Nov 7th

    its looks like obama!!!

  6. Jeff Davis |  Posted at 5:55 pm Nov 7th

    like obama

  7. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 10:57 pm Nov 8th


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