Only Real Sisters Match :)

Kendall and Kylie Jenner wear matching outfits on Instagram

Only real sisters match :)


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  1. Sxean Lee-David |  Posted at 9:32 am Apr 27th

    You two are funny. Since your childhood pictures you’re always photographed kissing, hugging, in your sisterly way. :) lol

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      hintonlewis90 |  Posted at 2:20 pm Apr 27th

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  2. Logan Kazman |  Posted at 9:35 am Apr 27th

    i love how you are showing off your louboutins

  3. Denia RS |  Posted at 9:58 am Apr 27th

    I think y’all the cutest family I’ve ever seen.

  4. MissMiss |  Posted at 10:03 am Apr 27th

    so cute !! you are very beautiful !!

  5. Jemma |  Posted at 10:25 am Apr 27th

    aww you look so good !! xx

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    shellee |  Posted at 10:55 am Apr 27th

    The girls are so pretty…even there sisters and RObert is handsome……The girls are cute

  7. rateheareted |  Posted at 11:29 am Apr 27th

    u guys are so awesome….

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    SusanL |  Posted at 11:50 am Apr 27th

    You gyes are so pretty! L-O-V-E this pic;)

  9. catinapi |  Posted at 11:52 am Apr 27th

    Hi Girls I LOVE THIS PHOTO IS ADORABLE . Kendall I love your dress and Kylie I love your heels, I love your family is a special family and original♥♥♥

  10. heartxbeat |  Posted at 12:29 pm Apr 27th

    Youre my role models :}, love this pic sooo much. Beautiful!! xx

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    DashDollMolly |  Posted at 12:56 pm Apr 27th

    oh my…i love this<3

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    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 5:19 pm Apr 27th

    you guys have the coolest family ever and you girls look fab!!

  13. Tiffany Trevor |  Posted at 11:35 pm Apr 27th

    Such pretty sisters! love you dolls. xo <3

  14. Eagle Black |  Posted at 8:12 am Apr 28th

    there so sweet together

  15. laura!xox |  Posted at 2:11 am Apr 29th

    so pretty girlies! love it! xo

  16. Ambzz |  Posted at 1:39 am Apr 30th

    you 2 look amazing especially together, huge fans of both of u. wish to meet you!!!!!!

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    Bree |  Posted at 1:06 pm Apr 30th

    you guys look so pretty (: i love both of you guys im like your biggest fan LOL jk i just like you guys alot .

  18. lenamitzel |  Posted at 4:58 pm Apr 30th

    You girls are beautiful from the inside out! I know that you are nice and funny but if i really met you i could really no who you really are! i love you and if you read this and reply it means a lot to me! i love you so much! i follow your entire family on twitter and my dream is for one of your family members to notice me so please follow me @Kyliekendallluv Love you dolls

  19. Australia1996 |  Posted at 6:47 am May 2nd

    only cute sisters match :)

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    Erikk |  Posted at 4:13 pm May 2nd

    That is a lovely photo.

  21. dez kardashian |  Posted at 5:25 pm May 2nd

    sooooooooo tottally gorgouss girls! i want your outfit!

  22. K&KFan |  Posted at 5:48 pm May 2nd

    Kylie, you’ve really developed the Kardashian ass already…you look amazing in that dress! Wow!

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    Sasa.B |  Posted at 5:56 pm May 3rd

    Love this!! where do you guys shop and get all these wonderful clothes??

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    Mallie |  Posted at 6:21 pm May 3rd

    Nice cone head Kendall.

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    SamwelCharles |  Posted at 10:49 am May 4th

    WOW!….This is really hot…you guyz look amazing….

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    lovepeaceandlipgloss |  Posted at 5:45 am May 5th

    Love This So Much. Love The Shoes Kylie

  27. Kdoll |  Posted at 3:17 am May 7th

    Different style but same outcome, PERFECT!

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    ST |  Posted at 10:54 am May 14th

    hahaha cutee pose.. grls u look stunning

  29. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 2:06 am May 15th

    I wish i also had a sister :( its really boring sometimes…i love the dress girls, looks amazing on yall <333

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    kkklove |  Posted at 1:39 pm Jul 10th

    where did you find those! so freakin cute

  31. Mike Chavez |  Posted at 12:32 am Jan 16th


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    KyliehasBIGboobies |  Posted at 5:18 am Jan 17th

    you 2 both have some nice fat asses!!

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