Our 2011 Family Christmas Card is Here!

Hey guys!! We are SO excited to share our 2011 family Christmas card with you! How cute does Mason look?? We all had matching bow ties and Mason looked so adorable in his!! It’s always so much fun getting dressed up for our Christmas card shoot!

This year our family photographer, Nick Saglimbeni, did two versions of the card… a 2D version and an amazing 3D version!!!

What do you think??

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  1. C-Lyn Øu Céline |  Posted at 9:27 am Dec 19th

    I love your Xristmas card !

    • L.D |  Posted at 9:59 am Dec 19th

      love it

    • @Kardash_ireland |  Posted at 10:00 am Dec 19th

      hi kylie

      You all look so fab.

      Since it is christmas I made this video for you and your family with the help of loads of dash dolls. If you do see it tell me what you think on twitter —>>> http://youtu.be/nfxZ9JrzE-U

      Love form Ireland <3

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    monica_148 |  Posted at 9:47 am Dec 19th

    Oh my goodness!! I looooove the Christmas card!!! You all look so amazing!!:D….Mason looks so adorable! Bruce, Lamar, Rob, Scott, and Mason look so handsome!! And you and Kendall, Kim, Khloe, Kourt, and Kris look phenomenal as ever!! Kudos to Nick!! You did it again!!!

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    FMosley |  Posted at 9:50 am Dec 19th

    wow it is really fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  4. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 10:24 am Dec 19th

    ahhh!! everyone looks so good :)

  5. Makayla Mckay |  Posted at 10:43 am Dec 19th

    LOVE IT! As always you guys are swagged out! lol :) <3

  6. Michou Rogowski |  Posted at 10:59 am Dec 19th

    mason is a gentleman dont you think . / LOVE YOU kylie i am 14 years old and i want hang out whit you

    coolest photo of the world! 3D your serious!!! whoah !

  7. missjenner |  Posted at 11:02 am Dec 19th

    you and Kendall look sooo pretty!!! i love it! <3
    I love you kylie!!

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    Kendra |  Posted at 12:04 pm Dec 19th

    Beautiful Fam :)

  9. mandyhart99 |  Posted at 12:55 pm Dec 19th


  10. megsmith |  Posted at 12:58 pm Dec 19th

    whoo ! this is amazing so beautiful ! mason is adorable ! <3

  11. ËlibëTh Gonzalez |  Posted at 1:39 pm Dec 19th

    Genial :D

  12. David Charles Laubman |  Posted at 2:30 pm Dec 19th

    Where’s Hump? Sorry! That’s mean! Merry Christmas!!! Love you Kim!

  13. aamaziing |  Posted at 2:53 pm Dec 19th

    Fab!! :)

  14. Australia1996 |  Posted at 7:13 pm Dec 19th

    everyone of these pics are amazing

  15. Lui Wing |  Posted at 1:46 am Dec 20th

    i love the 3D version! ;-D

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    Tayyz |  Posted at 4:52 am Dec 20th

    it looks so amazing, i love it so much!! You all look fab!

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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 12:51 pm Dec 20th

    kylie you look AMAZING!!!!! so stylish! i love you family:D

  18. DanielKardashian |  Posted at 4:08 pm Dec 20th

    WOW! I LOVE THIS! Nick is simply amazing at what he does! No one does it like him!

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    ST |  Posted at 8:05 pm Dec 20th

    an interesting family photo, shows the personality of each family member..: )
    and goshh mason looks so cool..

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    domus33 |  Posted at 6:09 am Dec 21st

    I love Your Christmas cards! ;d

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    katherine13 |  Posted at 3:45 pm Dec 21st

    omgg you guys are all so gorgeouss!! ahhh so jealousss! best christmas cardd<3

  22. Kdoll |  Posted at 3:49 am Dec 23rd

    You all look stunning but Mason blew you all away! Lol x

  23. Zaida |  Posted at 1:09 pm Dec 23rd

    Wowww Amazing ♥

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    zoe7459 |  Posted at 4:38 pm Dec 23rd

    The christmas card looks amazing as always and this year it looks fantastic! Both you and Kendall, look fabulous and Mason is just a little munchkin!

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    ciiciilovessparkles |  Posted at 11:50 pm Dec 26th

    wowww this is amazzing(: the photographer couldnt of done a better job. All of you look great!

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    sherymoon |  Posted at 4:35 am Jan 30th

    that’s great you’re so beautiful and Mason is so cute

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