Our ‘Girlfriend’ Cover Issue!

Kendall Kylie Jenner Australian Girlfriend Magazine Cover
Hi guys!!! We are so excited to share our first Australian magazine cover with you all. It’s for an awesome magazine called Girlfriend, which is on stands now, and we are so thrilled with how the cover turned out. What do you guys think of it?

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  1. Audrey |  Posted at 6:54 am Jun 27th

    The cover is beautiful :)

  2. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted at 7:50 am Jun 27th


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  3. Lou Harper |  Posted at 8:50 am Jun 27th

    Kylie needs to stop with trying to be the same and copy Kendall in everything. Kendall rarely ever gets her own real modelling jobs, Kylie always has to be in the picture too. Does Kylie have a modelling contract ? No, and she doesn’t for a reason. The modeling agencies needs someone who looks like Kendall does. Kylie just looks like a typical teenager.

    • Kelly Ng |  Posted at 10:05 am Jun 27th

      She’s not trying to copy Kendall.. What do you mean Kendall rarely gets her own real modeling jobs, what if they wanna model together? You don’t know them, or the modeling agencies, so obviously you wouldn’t know what they want or like. If i were you i wouldn’t be talking shit about Kendall’s own little sister. I am a big fan of both of them, and im just saying that Kylie has her own style and personality.

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      WassanA |  Posted at 3:54 pm Jun 29th

      Are you seriously kidding me ? Both of them look amazing. They could actually read all the comments that you guys are commenting and it is very disrespectful, Kendall and Kylie are both gorgeous, unique and different. And if you don’t like how Kylie looks like then don’t share your opinion cause nobody is really interested in it.

    • K&KFan |  Posted at 3:29 am Jun 30th

      While it’s true that Kendall looks more like a typical model, Kylie is a beautiful girl too and just as pretty in her own way. When I’m watching their show, I find myself jerking off over Kylie just as much as I do over Kendall…….sometimes even more so, because Kylie has big tits and a nice ass which Kendall doesn’t. So I think they are both gorgeous in their own way and both capable of commanding my attention.

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      Anna-Louise |  Posted at 12:12 pm Feb 27th

      shhh! you don’t know what youre talking about

  4. Karina Burbo |  Posted at 9:11 am Jun 27th

    Lou Harper, I agree with all you said! Kylie looks like her mom, she’s not a model model, she’s more like a role model. I remember how Kylie reacted when Kendall got modelling contract – it wasn’t nice! As much as I adore Kylie, she needs to get on her own way. Go Kendall!

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    SarahNicole |  Posted at 12:39 pm Jun 27th

    Beautiful Cover!
    Even though I like Kylie I have to agree with Lou but I kinda think they don’t want Kylie to feel left out. I remember Kris said in a interview that Kylie told her she wants to work more so I think when Kendall gets a job, they put Kylie like a bonus.

  6. KenDollJennerFan |  Posted at 2:14 pm Jun 27th

    Seriously Kendall makes the cover glow she looks perfect love her smile <3

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    rwheelz82 |  Posted at 4:09 pm Jun 27th

    Hey Kendall and Kylie I’m Australian living in Perth and I bought this yesterday! You guys look amazing and your interview was sooo good! Hope you guys are proud of yourselves! Sending the love from all the way in oz! xxx

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    BrittanyD |  Posted at 5:52 pm Jun 27th

    Ugh shut up guys and enjoy the cover!
    You girls look amazing I prefer this cover than the Teen Vogue one, Kendall looks like Victoria Justice in this.

  9. Kdoll |  Posted at 2:56 am Jun 28th

    Wanna have a copy but its not available here in our place. T.T But you guys look so pretty!!!! xX

  10. ms.sunshine0o0 |  Posted at 1:28 pm Jun 28th

    kendall and kylie inspire me :)

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    charlottes.webb |  Posted at 4:32 am Jun 29th

    wow you guys are simply amazing! i hope to see you on more Australian covers (-:

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    mikki_mccann |  Posted at 1:25 am Jun 30th

    this is amazing because i am Australian and i havent been able to get any of your 17 mags :D <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx soo excited to get one!!!

  13. alice.27 |  Posted at 6:31 pm Jun 30th

    i am in love with this cover<3 i got it yesterday and i am in love with it:) i have read your page a million times and watched the video a thousand times:)) if i had one wish, i would wish to spend the day with you two lovely/gorgeous girls:)) come to AUSTRALIA!! I admire you girls so much! after seeing videos of your rooms and wardrobes, you inspired me to redo my entire bedroom:) keep doing australian covers:)i love you guys<3 x

  14. Lou Harper |  Posted at 7:19 am Jul 1st

    It’s not disrespectful, it’s the truth.

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    ST |  Posted at 9:16 am Jul 2nd

    congrats gurlsss :)
    nice cover..you both looks so stunning… looove ya’

  16. alina272 |  Posted at 1:13 pm Jul 19th

    congrats on your cover!! i actually had a question for you guys, how should you start modeling i mean i heard a lot of agencies are scams and if you do get an agent how does it all work? Thanks :)

  17. Kylieisthebest |  Posted at 12:10 pm Jul 21st

    Dam you need to stop hating you wish you were her beautiful, funny, gorgeous, smart, at least she has a life and a job, lmao you serioulsy need rehab on those hate issues. I wish she was my girlfriend out of all the Kardahsians she has the best style I love you Kylie.-Andrew

  18. Kylieisthebest |  Posted at 12:13 pm Jul 21st

    K&KFAN u seriously have issues to like really saying that kind of stuff at least there not the typical slut girls that you see alot now adays Bruce Jenner did a good job razing them.

  19. Lou Harper |  Posted at 3:05 pm Jul 21st

    Kylie does modelling only because Kendall does. She’s jealous because she is the youngest.

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    Kyla_Jenner |  Posted at 12:31 am Jul 28th

    Pretty Girls!!

  21. kendallandkyliefanforever |  Posted at 3:59 am Jul 31st

    amazing xx

  22. kendallandkyliefanforever |  Posted at 4:00 am Jul 31st

    i would say u are the most preetiest people i have ever seen xx

  23. thatsmystyle14 |  Posted at 1:43 pm Oct 21st

    oh wow thats a pretty cover

  24. Ashley Kumar |  Posted at 1:26 am Jan 23rd

    i disagree with k&k i find myself wanking to kendall a lot more

  25. avatar
    Anna-Louise |  Posted at 12:12 pm Feb 27th

    you guys are my inspiration. seriously i wanna be just like you guys. youre so lucky! x

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