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  1. Masx Rodriguez |  Posted at 1:30 pm Feb 11th

    Boy did you think to kim

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      jennie45689 |  Posted at 2:57 pm Feb 11th

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  2. Jessica Lynette Faddis |  Posted at 1:43 pm Feb 11th

    the bone structure your momma gave you is amazing!

  3. Nichol Walker |  Posted at 1:48 pm Feb 11th

    yeah i luv it. it looks great in your ears.

  4. BeLen GuerrerOo |  Posted at 2:19 pm Feb 11th

    look just like kim! ;O

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    LaurenO882 |  Posted at 4:52 pm Feb 11th

    Kendall you look stunning please tell me your makeup and skincare xx

  6. LovveKylie&Kendall |  Posted at 2:38 am Feb 12th

    Amazing !! <3
    You look like your sister Kim :))

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    nevergiveup |  Posted at 7:23 pm Feb 12th

    omg Kendall you are my new rolemodel I saw in a j-14 magazine and your story I have literally the same exact story im in sixth grade and im 5.6 and everyone makes fun of me and im also skinny too! everyone calls me a giraffe! ive always kinda dreamed to be a model when I was little I would always practice my cat walk! I just think you are the most beautiful girl ever and u showed me to never give up and ignore all those people who tease me for my height my parents always say its better to be tall then short and they also always say that when I grow up everyone will be jealous of your height. since im really skinny and have small ankles my mom always says that It will look better in heels. I would LOVE to come to one of your fashion shows but I just cant afford it. you are my role model and now because of you I learn to stay strong and show those people who tease me wrong!
    fierce and love,
    Tatiana smith

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    michael hill |  Posted at 12:22 pm Feb 14th

    omg love it

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    ST |  Posted at 12:02 am Feb 26th

    pretty n cool at d same time heh,,,he

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