PacSun Meeting Time!

Kendall Jenner Heads to a PacSun Meeting

On my way to a PacSun meeting wearing one of my fav tops from our new collection hitting PacSun stores and online this Friday!

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  1. Arpita Amin |  Posted at 3:37 pm Mar 25th

    U guys r awesome but I’m not gonna lie
    She looks sick! That skinny? I mean I’m skinny but that’s not right

    • Bernie Ber |  Posted at 3:55 pm Mar 25th

      totally agree with you arpita she is too skinny

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      kaly123 |  Posted at 4:01 pm Mar 25th

      Wow… My friend Emily has just married to a handsome wealthy guy
      They met through ~ŔichWoo.Ćoм~~ a good place to talk with successful wealthy guys and beautiful classy women (athletes,doctors,CEOs,models,lawyers,celebrities,etc….)perhaps you can have a try xo

    • Fabienne Gibson |  Posted at 5:56 pm Mar 25th


  2. Bernie Ber |  Posted at 3:54 pm Mar 25th

    she looks way too thin. she doesn’t look healthy

  3. Mina Begg |  Posted at 4:11 pm Mar 25th

    she is soooo beautiful maaannn it makes me feel so jealous !!

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    skinnyfiberworks |  Posted at 4:30 pm Mar 25th

    Believe it or not, spring is here! Do you need help slimming down before the warm weather gets here? Skinny fiber is working for me…and it can work for you! There’s still time –

  5. Fabienne Gibson |  Posted at 5:51 pm Mar 25th

    I feel the same way. Not healthy skinny. And it’s a shame cause she’s beautiful and I love the Kardashian sisters for being curvy and confident.

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    tiana |  Posted at 6:34 am Mar 27th

    oh she is wonderful

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    ST |  Posted at 2:13 am Apr 1st

    skinny body oh whatever but skinny love oh NO lol xo

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