Perfect Day

Kylie Jenner Perfect Day Instagram

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    LottaSaade |  Posted at 2:38 pm Jul 9th

    U are such a perfect Girl!! Love from Norway!

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    Georgia |  Posted at 2:41 pm Jul 9th
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    KylieJSuperfan |  Posted at 2:45 pm Jul 9th

    Stunning Kylie <3

  4. Takuhi F. |  Posted at 2:53 pm Jul 9th

    AH…mazing! Where did you get the bracelets from? Some of them look like Stella & Dot stuff.

  5. Michou Rogowski |  Posted at 3:04 pm Jul 9th

    is this your leg LOL of caurse

  6. lenamitzel |  Posted at 4:28 pm Jul 9th


  7. LovesBabes1 |  Posted at 4:45 pm Jul 9th

    Hand on Thigh! Hold my mayo!

    • K&KFan |  Posted at 6:35 pm Jul 9th

      I bet Kylie can give an amazing handjob with those gorgeous hands of hers!

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      tiera |  Posted at 8:34 am Jul 10th

      Well, she is Kim sister so she might be good at handjob. Besides she might also have a sex tape just like her sister and become famous. Her mother will be so happy because she is gonna make money just like kim K. American media always honoring stupid people.

  8. Erin Kathleen Spalding |  Posted at 7:42 pm Jul 9th

    You Should Do A Tour Of Your House!

    • avatar |  Posted at 10:31 pm Jul 17th


  9. loveisdicon |  Posted at 9:50 pm Jul 9th

    Beautiful fingers.the kardashians seems to be the most beautiful. Sisters in the world.

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      tiera |  Posted at 8:34 am Jul 10th

      Ya sure

    • avatar |  Posted at 10:32 pm Jul 17th

      Not in the world

  10. Lou Harper |  Posted at 2:01 pm Jul 10th

    If Keek, Instagram, & Twitter shut down poor little Kylie will cry because then she will be stopped from being an attention seeker. Boohoo.

    • avatar |  Posted at 10:34 pm Jul 17th

      Shat up you littall you do won’t to now what I was goin to say

  11. alice.27 |  Posted at 5:34 pm Jul 10th

    This is a stunning photo Kylie:) ignore whatever Lou Harper says:) you have my love:) x

  12. Luckylol Wardell |  Posted at 12:07 am Jul 11th

    So many of you guys are perverts seriously get a life

    • avatar |  Posted at 10:37 pm Jul 17th

      R you a old man if you r thin I am going to leat you pass on the spelling ;)

  13. Luckylol Wardell |  Posted at 12:10 am Jul 11th

    Talking about a sex tape that you want her to do and her Mom proud? Lol that’s retarded she’s what 14? So I doubt it that she’ll ever give hand jobs do a sex tape or any of that bull

    • K&KFan |  Posted at 7:55 am Jul 11th

      I’m sure Kendall will do a sex tape first, but Kylie may do one eventually. Hopefully we’ll get to see both of them getting pounded from behind.

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    Souky |  Posted at 3:02 pm Jul 11th

    could u tell us please kylie from where did you buy your bracelets ?? :p

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    ST |  Posted at 11:18 pm Jul 17th

    perfect day 4 what ky…? umm oh i know beach time isn’t ;) :D
    U have beautiful fingers with red nail polish.. looove ya’

  16. mmmkylieandkendall |  Posted at 2:25 am Jul 28th

    they both will eventually be seen on tape getting hammered and getting off on it, they already enjoy guys jerking off over them

  17. kteam |  Posted at 1:19 pm Jul 29th

    I love the bracelets <3

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