Photo Shoot for ‘FLAVOR’ Magazine

  • Kendall Jenner Flavor Magazine Paris Bikini Shoot
  • Kendall Jenner Flavor Magazine Paris Bikini Shoot
  • Kendall Jenner Flavor Magazine Paris Bikini Shoot
  • Kendall Jenner Flavor Magazine Paris Bikini Shoot
  • Kendall Jenner Flavor Magazine Paris Bikini Shoot

Kendall Jenner Flavor Magazine Paris Bikini Shoot

I am soooo excited to show you guys these shots from my FLAVOR magazine shoot!! The pics were taken by the amazing Sinisha Nisevic at the famous Goldstein House in Beverly Hills!

FLAVOR magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine in Paris and it is SUCH an amazing honor to be featured. Are any of you guys from France? What do you think of the pics?

The last pic in the gallery is me and James Goldstein at his John Lautner house… Mr. Goldstein is a famous Lakers fan who is always in this designer signature look. This shoot was the first one done on his new tennis court overlooking the city! How amazing is that view!?

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  1. avatar
    KrayKray4Kdash |  Posted at 12:18 pm Apr 13th

    You are STUNNING Kendall!!! Love youu! xoxo

  2. TimKnotty |  Posted at 1:10 pm Apr 13th

    Absolutely brilliant shots Kendall! And you sure aren’t kidding about that view – amazing :)

  3. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted at 1:42 pm Apr 13th


    www. haideeandco.blogspot .com

  4. avatar
    hannah g |  Posted at 2:05 pm Apr 13th

    Wow! The photos are stunning! :D Wish you and Kylie would come to the UK we love you over here! Please follow me on twitter @Hannah_G___ would be amazing if you did?

  5. Laura Contreras |  Posted at 2:44 pm Apr 13th

    wow u look beautiful kendal ;)

  6. JulieLovesKendall |  Posted at 3:48 pm Apr 13th


  7. Cami Carrazana |  Posted at 4:41 pm Apr 13th

    you look so diferent :O !!

  8. avatar
    nadiaa |  Posted at 5:21 pm Apr 13th

    yes i am french.
    and in French, tu est magnifique ! :)

  9. avatar
    saig |  Posted at 5:49 pm Apr 13th

    OmG I LOVE YOU <3 Im excited for the Season 7 of Keeping up with the kardashian cause I only wanna watch u~~~~~

  10. avatar
    Erikk |  Posted at 7:18 pm Apr 13th

    Kendall, those are some very beautiful pics.

  11. Max Junior Njabulo |  Posted at 2:10 am Apr 14th

    iS It me oR am I LoOkInG
    at an AnGeL

  12. heartxbeat |  Posted at 2:31 am Apr 14th

    So beautiful Kendall – proud of you :) xx looooooove youui

  13. MissMiss |  Posted at 3:26 am Apr 14th

    I’m from france . your pics are very beautiful !

  14. LoLa |  Posted at 6:03 am Apr 14th

    OMG! What an amazing photoshoot. Kendall you look so perfect

  15. avatar
    SarahNicole |  Posted at 8:08 am Apr 14th

    Now you look more like a professional model =D

  16. MassieBlock |  Posted at 10:56 am Apr 14th

    OMG! This is by far the BEST photoshoot ever ;) You look amazing and stunning, congratulations! You will be the prettiest professional model :)

  17. avatar
    BrittanyD |  Posted at 12:27 pm Apr 14th

    Coolest shoot you’ve ever done Kendall you look stunning. Love it

  18. avatar
    sweetnica |  Posted at 5:37 pm Apr 14th

    Very Beautiful

  19. avatar
    Kendra |  Posted at 5:46 am Apr 15th

    You look fabulous Kendall. Beautiful photoshoot

  20. Kdoll |  Posted at 11:08 am Apr 15th

    Hottest photoshoot evaaaaa, you look so pretty and sexy kendall like WOW jawdropping. :O soon you’ll be one of VS Angels it would be PERFECT!!! Love it. xx

  21. avatar
    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 2:10 pm Apr 15th

    You are sooooo pretty Kendall <3

  22. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 12:37 am Apr 16th

    stunning photoshoot

  23. Australia1996 |  Posted at 11:26 am Apr 17th

    omg kendall are you trying to kill me with these amazing photos

  24. Ebony Mason |  Posted at 4:34 pm Apr 18th

    omg— u look like beyonce from afar– I HAD TO DOUBLE TAKE—– VERY BEAUTIFUL PIC!!!

  25. avatar
    Laurinne Believe |  Posted at 7:04 am Apr 19th

    Oh My God Kendall ! You’re So Beautiful ! I Want Your Face ♥ Nobody’s perfect, Nobody Exept Kendall & Kylie

  26. avatar
    mome hurtado |  Posted at 3:33 pm Apr 22nd

    you look so different wow !!! love u

  27. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 2:15 am May 15th

    Absolutely stunning pictures! I wouldn’t be surprised if I open the Vogue and your in it ;)

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