Photo Shoot for Lovecat Magazine

  • Kendall Jenner Photo Shoot for Lovecat Magazine
  • Kendall Jenner Photo Shoot for Lovecat Magazine

Kendall Jenner Photo Shoot for Lovecat Magazine

This week I did a photo shoot for Lovecat Magazine for their third issue! The very talented photographer Julian Ungano (that’s him in the second pic) shot it and I’m so excited to see how everything turned out. For now, here are a few behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot… more to come soon!

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    1. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 12:58 pm Sep 30th

      youu look stunning!!!!! you are really becoming professional, loveee you Kendall <3

    2. KendallMafia |  Posted at 2:52 pm Sep 30th

      Kendall you look amazing as always! :) LOVE the heels! can’t wait to see more pics from the photoshoot :) xo.

    3. Australia1996 |  Posted at 8:12 pm Sep 30th

      kendall u got a freakin’ sexy hot gorgeous great fantastic stunning superduper body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    4. SineadKuyan |  Posted at 1:25 am Oct 1st

      Kendall you are amazingly beautiful! love seeing photos of you and your sister. love you <3

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      alalal111 |  Posted at 4:23 am Oct 1st


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      alalal111 |  Posted at 4:24 am Oct 1st

      ENJOY THE cheapdhardy2。tk

    7. crazybabylove26 |  Posted at 3:53 pm Oct 1st

      sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful ♥

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      kenza9 |  Posted at 9:03 am Oct 2nd

      Greetings from Europe. Looks like your modelling career is taking off. Soo happy for you!

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        kenza9 |  Posted at 9:10 am Oct 2nd

        And you look fab as usual in these pics. Can’t wait to see more pics

    9. Australia1996 |  Posted at 5:10 am Oct 4th


    10. Australia1996 |  Posted at 1:28 am Oct 5th

      kendall you got to listen to this song: CRAVE YOU – by Flight Facilities it make me think of you ever time.

      here the link =)

    11. Australia1996 |  Posted at 4:00 am Oct 5th
    12. meldabelle |  Posted at 11:41 am Oct 8th

      wow i think you were born to be a model kenny it’s in your blood ;)

    13. Makayla Holmes |  Posted at 12:56 pm Oct 9th

      You are stunning!

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      brazilianwishbracelet |  Posted at 3:43 pm Oct 19th

      Hey Kendall and Kylie!

      We love you girls!

      The Brazilian Wish Bracelet Team

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      kellypalmer15 |  Posted at 1:02 pm Nov 1st

      Kendall you have lovely long beautiful legs and you should be proud

    16. Lisa Manninger-Ey |  Posted at 1:58 pm Nov 5th


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