Kendall Jenner Instagram Photo Shoot


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  1. heartxbeat |  Posted at 8:51 am May 7th

    I love your outfite Kendall :)!!!!

  2. Jemma |  Posted at 11:24 am May 7th

    you look amazing! i love your shorts where are they from?

  3. Tiffany Trevor |  Posted at 11:54 am May 7th

    cute pic Kendall! you so rock that outfit :)

  4. Australia1996 |  Posted at 1:20 am May 8th

    why are u so stunning kendall <3

  5. Rosalie Mae McFarland |  Posted at 3:03 am May 8th

    Kendall is this you with short hair i cant really see? I cried when i found out you cut your hair but now i can relax and stop worry about my hair not being your length, i love you kendall and i hope you read this. Please if you do which you most probably won’t email me something for add/except me as a friend on facebook (I’m not sure which account is yours). My email is please, you are my icon

  6. rhian |  Posted at 7:58 am May 8th

    love what your wearing and your figure i amazing!

  7. MissMiss |  Posted at 8:00 am May 8th

    you are beautiful !!!!

  8. SaraJames |  Posted at 8:07 am May 8th

    me and you are the same age..but you are much smaller than me…hehehe..gorgeous BTW!

  9. laura!xox |  Posted at 6:57 pm May 8th

    love the outfit! you look stunning! :)

  10. avatar
    lizgal66 |  Posted at 7:42 am May 10th

    you are so skinny im jealous! eat girll!

  11. avatar
    vanessatenorio |  Posted at 11:41 am May 13th

    you use makeup every day?

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    ST |  Posted at 10:22 am May 14th

    cute outfit i think :D, kendall why u r so skinny hahaha looove ya’

  13. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 1:55 am May 15th

    I’m kinda lovin’ the outfit :) and the pose :D

  14. Kdoll |  Posted at 2:58 am May 17th

    Im so inlove with your outfit, well i always does. Every angle is perfect!!!

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