Red Lips!

Kendall Jenner Instagram Photo Red Lips Photo Shoot


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    kkklove |  Posted at 12:44 pm Jul 30th

    such a cute outfit! i love it!

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    MatthewSmithton |  Posted at 1:50 pm Jul 30th

    Stunning as always Kenny! :)

  3. Guro Jorde |  Posted at 3:33 pm Jul 30th

    can you post a picture that shows all the piercing their clear

  4. Mason Sean Carter |  Posted at 4:00 pm Jul 30th

    That’s sultry lips.ts pretty sexyi

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    nisreen2sweet |  Posted at 4:31 pm Jul 30th

    gorgeous <3

  6. Raziel Mcallen |  Posted at 5:22 pm Jul 30th

    someone give her something to eat… burger or something…

  7. rateheareted |  Posted at 7:37 pm Jul 30th

    Pretty smile:)

  8. Mason Sean Carter |  Posted at 10:51 pm Jul 30th

    Beautiful dress on a flawless skin too.everything is perfect

  9. megmeg |  Posted at 2:01 am Jul 31st

    super stunning!!

  10. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted at 7:52 am Jul 31st


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    jem |  Posted at 8:01 am Jul 31st

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    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 9:18 am Jul 31st
  13. ashleyritchie |  Posted at 9:48 am Jul 31st

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    ST |  Posted at 6:59 am Aug 6th

    FAB kenny.. love ya’

  15. Rogerio Filho |  Posted at 12:48 am Aug 9th

    muuuuito linda essa garota. ;)

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