Season 36

Kylie Jenner Jokes with Friends
Teen mom season 36 coming soon #loljokes

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    abgail456 |  Posted at 6:24 pm Feb 26th

    Unbelievable… My friend Emily has just married to a handsome wealthy guy
    They met through ~~SeekingŔich.Ćoм~~ a good place to talk with successful wealthy guys and beautiful classy women (athletes,doctors,CEOs,models,lawyers,celebrities,etc….)perhaps you can have a try

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    meshelle_estell |  Posted at 6:24 pm Feb 26th

    taking the baby class, is THEE WORST! maybe seem all fun at first but no no no not at 6am waking up from its crying

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    ST |  Posted at 11:20 pm Mar 15th

    OMG u guys funnnyyyy n sick hahaha loveeeee u

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