Sherri Hill

Kylie Jenner Sherri Hill Photo Shoot

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    BriBri |  Posted at 5:28 pm Nov 13th

    I honestly think shes the best looking out of all her sisters. not just because I’m the same age, but because, she simply is.

  2. Vince Criss Angel |  Posted at 10:36 pm Nov 13th

    Super CUTE!!!!!

  3. felicia_i love kylie |  Posted at 6:21 am Nov 14th

    Kylie your my inspiration please dont change your beautiful,cute,funny and your /the big sister I never had :) Kylie please give my a shout out on Keek please I’m obsessed with you I’m not lying i watch every show your on please give me a shout out on Keek and on here please it would mean more than the world to me I love you Kylie with all my heart and soul lots of love Felicia xoxox

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    ST |  Posted at 10:39 pm Nov 19th


  5. Shaqcole Koli Riley |  Posted at 2:46 am Nov 22nd

    who is this dress made by? is there anyway i can find a fuller version of it?

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