Singing with the ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast

Kendall Kylie Jenner Breaking Dawn Justin Bieber Mistletoe Cody Simpson

Kylie and I had the best time at the Breaking Dawn premiere on Monday night! Ryan Seacrest gave us a little challenge… we had to get the Breaking Dawn cast members and the celebs who were there to sing along to Justin Bieber‘s ‘Mistletoe’. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, lol. Cody Simpson did a really great job! Thanks for singing with us, Cody!!

We hope we did a good job spreading holiday cheer (yes, it’s November, but it’s never too early!) We love doing these red carpet interviews!! Are you guys going to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 this weekend?

You can watch the video here!

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  1. megsmith |  Posted at 11:17 am Nov 16th

    awh you guys are so lucky ! trevor donovan <3 well done on your style award aswell guys <3

  2. avatar
    Abi |  Posted at 12:28 pm Nov 16th

    I thought this was so funny loved the interviews! xxx

  3. Nora Galvan |  Posted at 12:34 pm Nov 16th

    lol 2:02 “He’s a little white Canadian kid, he says shawty” lol that had me laughing.u gotta love that guy for saying that.

  4. avatar
    Jennerocity |  Posted at 1:14 pm Nov 16th

    Ha ha, this is too cute! :) I love how the one guy from the movie with the long black hair only knows the word “mistletoe.” :D Also congrats on the award you girls got this week! That is awesome!!

  5. avatar
    lizgal66 |  Posted at 4:49 pm Nov 16th

    lol y r u only talking about cody simposon? other people were there to lol. Kendall and Kylie you guys look amazing!

  6. Australia1996 |  Posted at 10:14 pm Nov 16th

    you are so amazing

  7. madelinerose_ |  Posted at 10:15 pm Nov 16th

    Haha how cute! You guys looked like you had a lot of fun! :)

  8. Kdoll |  Posted at 12:52 am Nov 17th

    lol you should have your own show someday! :D

  9. Charlotte Keelan |  Posted at 2:13 am Nov 17th

    Where are your dresses from? You guys have the best fashion sense, I swear!

  10. avatar
    mia |  Posted at 4:13 am Nov 17th

    kendall you look like Pocahontas in that dress

  11. Kaia Kjersheim |  Posted at 12:46 pm Nov 17th

    I’m actually going out to see Braking Dawn tomorrow, I’m a little late because I live in Norway, but who cares…

  12. Jessica Gyllenskepp |  Posted at 1:36 pm Nov 17th

    I’m gonna watch it on saturday! Can’t wait! It was so fun watching this video, you’re so funny! Love you so much! xo

  13. missjenner |  Posted at 5:15 pm Nov 17th

    kendall, i agree with you! Kylie and Cody should date!!! lol, they would be so cute!!! i love you both <3 xo

  14. avatar
    claire.s |  Posted at 7:09 pm Nov 17th

    hi!!!!! i’m 15 and all of our friends love y’all! yall seem so fun, and yall are SO gorgeous. i may move to cali,and my parents want me to go to sierra canyon. didnt yall go there??? do you like it?xO!

  15. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 7:58 am Nov 18th

    haha! love you girls!!

  16. Emily Sabol |  Posted at 1:42 pm Nov 19th

    Hi im im thinkyou did good me and my mother are seeing breaking dawn

  17. Nadia Wasilewski |  Posted at 5:49 am Nov 20th

    i ♥ breaking dawn and you guys looked lovely. love you guys i think your both awesomeeee! ♥

    • Australia1996 |  Posted at 6:02 am Nov 20th

      me to nadia

  18. avatar
    xoxcharlxox1990 |  Posted at 3:45 pm Nov 21st

    Lol Funny As

  19. avatar
    billyinc1 |  Posted at 11:53 am Nov 23rd

    Nice video and You both are simply Divine.

  20. dashkardashianjenner |  Posted at 11:43 pm Nov 23rd

    Breaking Dawn is a good film:)♥♥
    Kendall&Kylie I lovee you so much♥♥

  21. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 3:45 am Nov 29th

    this is why i alwyz love u both.. FUN, Cheer, n’ liven up!!! yupppss Love U kenkyl.. :D

  22. Number1Doll |  Posted at 5:50 pm Dec 13th

    Haha…Love this!! trevor…stick to acting! LOL :)
    Love you two!!!
    Much Love xo
    Number1Doll <3

  23. ces03 |  Posted at 8:00 am Dec 15th

    omg!!!! this video is the cutest:)))))))

  24. avatar
    Tayyz |  Posted at 10:01 am Dec 16th

    You guys are so awesome! This vid was funny! Gave me a heap to laugh about!! :D

  25. avatar
    Manaaki |  Posted at 4:55 pm Dec 18th

    just casually singing with some of the cast from twilight lol

  26. avatar
    Manaaki |  Posted at 4:58 pm Dec 18th

    oh kendall your so funny

  27. avatar
    jaylove |  Posted at 6:41 pm Dec 26th

    haha dis is funny ..lucky tho -.-

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    mymycha |  Posted at 2:20 am Feb 24th

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  29. Tiffany Trevor |  Posted at 9:25 am Feb 25th

    Kylie is so pretty! <3

  30. avatar
    tingtingtt |  Posted at 12:19 am Feb 26th
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    serena301amy |  Posted at 8:03 pm Jun 20th

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