Kylie Kendall Jenner Sister Instagram


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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 5:28 pm Apr 23rd

    You are both so pretty! I want your hair, eyes, smiles, bodies, and style!

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    mikki_mccann |  Posted at 7:02 pm Apr 23rd

    you guys aree sooo pretty

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      hintonlewis90 |  Posted at 2:26 pm Apr 27th

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  3. Kdoll |  Posted at 6:50 am Apr 24th

    Nobody is perfect and then there you both Kendall and Kylie…. Xx

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    charlotteandnikki |  Posted at 8:34 am Apr 24th


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    charlotteandnikki |  Posted at 8:35 am Apr 24th

    Really Pretty! Me and my twin sister love it!

  6. heartxbeat |  Posted at 9:02 am Apr 24th

    Sooo cute Kendall & Kyles :}

  7. mrspeed39 |  Posted at 4:54 pm Apr 24th

    So gorgeous! I honestly cannot think of two prettier sisters!

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    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 3:01 pm Apr 25th

    you girls are so pretty :)

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    ST |  Posted at 12:10 am Apr 27th

    im a big fan of kylie smileee:D . u gurls so cuteee

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    hadleigh-marcheline |  Posted at 2:20 am Apr 28th

    I would love to know where you dress is from Kendall???? Its amazing!!!!

  11. rhian |  Posted at 7:50 am Apr 28th

    jealous of both of your hair!

  12. Australia1996 |  Posted at 6:51 am May 2nd

    so stunning you jenner are

  13. dez kardashian |  Posted at 5:35 pm May 2nd


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    indjoy.lee |  Posted at 7:55 am Jun 21st

    can you please tell me where kendall got her dress from?? its so nice!

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    kkklove |  Posted at 1:42 pm Jul 10th

    you are definitley stunning! so cute love both of your hair dos

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