Slicked Back Pony How-To


For last night’s KIIS FM Jingle Ball, I decided to go for a sleek, high pony. Here are some tips on how you can get the look, too!

  • Start with dry, straightened hair
  • Use a wide-paddle brush and an elastic that won’t snag your hair
  • Gather all hair at the crown of your head and secure elastic
  • Take a thin strip of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic; secure with a bobby pin that’s the same color as your hair
  • Use a strong-hold hairspray to spray down any fly-aways and to secure the bobby pin


Let me know if you try the look! :)


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  1. Abbie Ledesma |  Posted at 5:01 pm Dec 4th

    She is so preeeeeetttttttttttyyyyyyyyyy

  2. yesac101 |  Posted at 6:19 pm Dec 4th

    This is one of my fav hairstyles! Now I know how you do it! :D

  3. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 12:14 am Dec 5th

    u look cute cute hehe

  4. Julie Strand |  Posted at 1:36 am Dec 5th

    I tried this today, and I loved it! So simple and chic<3 I really love all your redcarpet looks! Escpecially your braids and I always try them. You are such a huge inspirastion to me:) I have some pictures of when I tried the look for you seventeencover lanch on my twitter @juliedirection. Would love if you could ckeck them out:)

  5. mm |  Posted at 2:40 am Dec 5th

    OMG!!!!!!its sooooo cute!!!!!

  6. avatar
    luciekkjj |  Posted at 4:13 am Dec 5th

    Kendall, you’re so pretty, I’d love to be like you. I’m your biggest fan in the world. I tried the pony-tail, and I absolutely loved it. So classy ;) You look gorgeous whenever. You’re the hugest inspiration in the world, with Kylie of course !!!!!! I’d love to meet you both !

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