Sneak Peek of Our New Photo Shoot

Kylie Jenner Sneak Peek Nick Saglimbeni Photo Shoot

Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s going on today on the shoot with Nick Saglimbeni!! I can’t wait for you guys to see the rest of the pics. It’s been such a fun day!!!

We’ve both worked with Nick a few times in the past and he is AMAZING! How crazy is my curly hair!? I don’t think it’s ever been this huge, LOL!

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  1. madelinerose_ |  Posted at 3:59 pm Aug 15th

    Wow Kylie you look amazing! Can’t wait to see more :)

    • @Kardash_ireland |  Posted at 4:07 am Aug 16th

      Hi Kylie..

      Hope it was a great shoot !!
      Love the hair..It is so different !!

      your eye make up is great too!!

      Love your blog ..Its great !!!

      If you see this comment then I hope you take a look at this video your fans and I made you for your Birthday and tell me what you think on twitter — @Kardash_Ireland

      Leanne x

  2. Sofi Portilla |  Posted at 4:04 pm Aug 15th

    this picture is so gorgeous. and YOU are an amazing model :)
    love from Chile.

    • Ba.hoops25 |  Posted at 12:47 pm Aug 16th

      Kylie the makeup is great ! Great job doll

  3. LoveKUWTK |  Posted at 4:21 pm Aug 15th

    you look just perfect with curly hair !! your eyes are amazing !!!

  4. avatar
    PepeDaniella |  Posted at 4:26 pm Aug 15th

    Duuuuuuuude… you look insane! omg you are so pretty its so unfair <3 Love you Kylieeee xx

  5. Janet Villafranca Borromeo |  Posted at 4:39 pm Aug 15th

    Kylie!! You looks amazing. I love your hair. :)

  6. Courtney Coleman |  Posted at 4:42 pm Aug 15th

    You look amazing! :) Can’t wait to see them.

  7. Jessica Gyllenskepp |  Posted at 4:52 pm Aug 15th

    omg, that’s amazing! So cool!

  8. Beyonela |  Posted at 5:14 pm Aug 15th

    so beautiful! love the make up and the hair <3

  9. Karla Salazar |  Posted at 6:09 pm Aug 15th

    you look lovely Kylie :> xoxo from the philippines :)

  10. Erin McCready |  Posted at 6:47 pm Aug 15th

    Kylie That Is Absoloutly Stunning! :O Tha Hairs Amazing :D Xxx

  11. avatar
    MarielaGFF |  Posted at 7:37 pm Aug 15th

    Kylie you look so beautifull….I absoloutly love your hair! :D

  12. avatar
    Livy Duncan |  Posted at 8:20 pm Aug 15th

    This is gorgous! your hair looks amazing! OMG…..just stunning!

  13. avatar
    heyloveyouu |  Posted at 8:37 pm Aug 15th

    WOW!! So amazing. Is this going to be in 3D like Kim’s photoshoot?!

  14. avatar
    adesouza |  Posted at 10:19 pm Aug 15th

    WOW! your hair looks gorgeous, ive never seen it soo big

  15. avatar
    stevoo |  Posted at 1:48 am Aug 16th

    you look so beautiful kylie !
    OMG you look fab and so cute with the curly hair….. can’t wait to see more!

    • avatar
      stevoo |  Posted at 1:50 am Aug 16th

      i am actually in love with this picture!
      DAMN man , you look stunning <3<3

  16. avatar
    Abi |  Posted at 2:18 am Aug 16th

    Wow loving this 80′s hair! Can’t wait to see all the pics xx

  17. Xx_KLA |  Posted at 2:38 am Aug 16th

    You look so beautiful!

  18. meldabelle |  Posted at 2:48 am Aug 16th

    wow Kylie loving the big hair you look soo gorgeous :) xxx

    • meldabelle |  Posted at 2:49 am Aug 16th

      the eye liner looks really hot xxx

  19. avatar
    seb |  Posted at 3:33 am Aug 16th

    What did they use to get that hold gurrll??? (no-homo)

  20. Michelle Ciupiak |  Posted at 6:33 am Aug 16th

    omg … so beautiful. I love your curly hair and your makeup. I love you both .. your michelle ♥

  21. Loveekendall |  Posted at 7:01 am Aug 16th

    Wooow ! Follow me on twitter @LoveeKendall please

  22. avatar
    vaalentina. |  Posted at 11:28 am Aug 16th

    Kylie you look gorgeous, I absolutely love this picture.. And I have like the same hair LoL.. Love you :D

  23. haleyzajac |  Posted at 12:26 pm Aug 16th

    That hair is awesome!!!!!!! Follow me on twitter @HaleyZajac pleaseee!!!!

  24. avatar
    BreeKardashianJenner |  Posted at 1:21 pm Aug 16th

    Wow Kylie, That’s so beautiful<3 I love you, you're such a stunner<3 xo

  25. crazybabylove26 |  Posted at 6:14 pm Aug 16th

    Kylie you look sooooo beautiful ♥

  26. avatar
    Jennerocity |  Posted at 10:25 pm Aug 16th

    Ha ha, it looks like mine after I blow-dry it LOL! only mine is straight! :D

    • avatar
      Jennerocity |  Posted at 10:26 pm Aug 16th

      Stunning shot! :-)

  27. Australia1996 |  Posted at 6:42 am Aug 17th


  28. avatar
    lizgal66 |  Posted at 7:39 am Aug 17th

    this is amazing!!! you are so beautiful kylie!!! love you!!!

  29. victoria_98 |  Posted at 11:12 pm Aug 17th

    you look stunning kylie!

  30. missseher2000 |  Posted at 6:57 am Aug 21st

    like OMG you ar beautiful you ar just like you big sisters! like OMG i have no words to how beautiful!!!
    and i am from norway its not one girl thats soo beautiful like you and your sisters!!!

  31. mac.95 |  Posted at 8:43 pm Aug 31st

    wow , your hair looks GREAT
    funny thing , my hair is something like that naturally :)
    really pretty picture though .

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