Such A Sweet Guy!

Kendall Jenner - Shares Pic With Alex Waltl

lol me and “my bitch” …such a sweet man tho, seriously! @alex_wtb

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  2. Carlos M. Borbon |  Posted at 3:42 pm Apr 26th

    Kendall Jenner,

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  4. Carlos M. Borbon |  Posted at 7:45 pm Apr 26th

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    • Carlos M. Borbon |  Posted at 11:21 pm Apr 26th

      @Kim Kardashian

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    young brady |  Posted at 9:08 pm Apr 26th

    hi my name is antony and i just want to say that kylie you are amazing your beutiful, talented and i love watching keeping up with the kardashians if u want u can add me on facebook antony brady

  6. Carlos M. Borbon |  Posted at 4:23 pm Apr 26th

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