Summer of Denim

Kendall Jenner Shares Summer of Denim Pics

I definitely loved some denim this summer, and I have a feeling it’s going to stick around in my fall wardrobe too! Perfect for dressing up, dressing down and layering— can’t go wrong!

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  1. FilipTosic |  Posted at 6:13 pm Aug 28th

    Ok,lets begin…you are the best inspiration in my life,i love you for who you are and i love you cause you are the most beautiful girl ever…you are the reason why i will be moving to L.A..My wish is to meet you and spend as much as time as i can,cause people like you are worth living for<333and you are following me on keek:Pif you can follow on twitter(FilipTosicK)<333

  2. FilipTosic |  Posted at 6:14 pm Aug 28th

    to spend as much as time as i can with you*

  3. kardashiankrazy2000 |  Posted at 10:00 pm Aug 28th

    L.O.V.E the denim so in right now.
    Can’t wait for the sundays of the “Kardsahians”
    Have an AWESOME weekend :D

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    lovethejennerfam |  Posted at 3:18 am Aug 29th

    OMG i feel the same way my parents hate ur family but I DONT I LOVEEEE U GUYS….everytime at school they ask if i could meet one person in the whole world who would it be i say KENDALL or KYLIE JENNER…and i keep a picture of u in my pocket alll day and wherever i go….i planned my future to be like urs and to move in LA and rich and move in ur neighborhood!
    I AM UR #1 FANNNNNNNNNN…..i have designed my room like URS I LOVE U…..wish we could meet

  5. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 1:00 am Aug 31st

    cooollll heheeee..

  6. avatar
    molly bell |  Posted at 2:20 pm Sep 8th

    i am a BIGGGGGGGGGGG fan of u both i loveee uuu soo much and i wish i could see u guys one day in my life but sadly i live in london u guys are soo lucky ive always wanted to be like u ive always wanted the same job as u guys and i wish i could live in malibuuu !!! :( :(

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