Summer Sunset

Kendall Jenner Dog and Beach
Watching one of the last summer sunsets with a #truehomie

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    brittanymoses |  Posted at 8:12 pm Sep 21st

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      C C123 |  Posted at 10:26 am Sep 23rd

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  2. blondinsandin |  Posted at 12:11 pm Sep 23rd

    Hey, i’m a 14 year old girl from sweden and I really think you seems to be a so cool and fun person! I hope you still will be that wonderful person you are!! Love

  3. Ender Dervişoğlu |  Posted at 12:59 pm Sep 23rd

    HI @KendallJenner and @KylieJenner can you follow me on twitter please i love you tooo sooo much @K_K_Jenner

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    ST |  Posted at 12:41 am Sep 24th

    very nice view :)

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    cecilie124 |  Posted at 5:04 am Sep 24th


  6. FilipTosic |  Posted at 10:23 am Sep 24th

    Kendall is the most prettiest girl ever!she has a big heart,great personalities and the the prettiest face i have ever seen!!<3

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