Take the PacSun DIY Challenge

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Team Up With PacSun for DIY Contest

We’ve teamed up with PacSun and want to see your best DIY’s! Create either a denim short or nail art DIY, upload it to Instagram, and tag @PacSun & #KandKDIY. Get creative and give it your best shot! Two winners will get a head to toe look from the upcoming Kendall and Kylie collection. 2nd and 3rd place winners will also get a signed poster and tote & feature on the GSOM blog.

Good luck!

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    BeeMateus |  Posted at 12:24 pm Mar 18th

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    ash atwood |  Posted at 2:07 pm Mar 18th

    Hi ! Check out this blog related to Kendall’s fashion!

  4. Hshh Rdyedry |  Posted at 4:52 pm Mar 18th

    the link to the rules is broken! i want to know what the rules are before i enter!

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    hellomaphie |  Posted at 8:58 pm Mar 24th

    Hi! I take the PACSUN DIY challenge and made a Nail Tutorial Inspired by the K&K Clothing Line!

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