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thank you @cocorocha !!

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  1. Micaiah Okonkwo |  Posted at 3:54 pm Nov 27th

    your not even a real model anyways your mother makes planes with you to be a model everything head to on a sliver plate and you can’t even model what fake ass person you are i cant’ even strand you really thought

    • Geofery Sousa |  Posted at 4:00 pm Nov 27th

      obviously shes a real model if people keep asking her to do shoots just saying

    • Elizabeth Mann |  Posted at 5:31 pm Nov 27th

      wow, you a assho

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      latte101277 |  Posted at 8:29 am Nov 30th

      Micaiah, you need to learn to spell before you blast someone you do not know personally. Yes, she may have an advantage with her mother Kris, but from what I have seen her Father, Bruce has been the major influence on her life – unlike Kim and the Kardashians with their trash mouths – but not the Jenners (excluding Kris)

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    SarahNicole |  Posted at 11:16 am Nov 28th

    You look perfect!

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    ximena montielma |  Posted at 2:30 am Dec 3rd

    you are outstanding

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