The Harlem Shake

We did the Harlem Shake with Ryan Seacrest and the whole “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” crew! Check it out!


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  1. Guillaume Giansante |  Posted at 4:01 am Feb 15th
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    ST |  Posted at 11:54 pm Feb 25th

    hahaha guys u r so funny

  3. Tracy Grech |  Posted at 9:07 am Mar 1st

    You are so awesome Jenner’s, but believe me you should out with some friends. Here take a look at what we did during our last year of Degree

    Love Tracy x

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    pupmad1 |  Posted at 2:41 pm Mar 8th

    well funny lol if you go on twitter type in pupmad1 and ive got one and i left kendall and kylie some messages please reply to them and follow me please xxxx

  5. Mustafa Tahmin |  Posted at 1:51 am May 2nd

    Scary and funny. Kendal started laughing before she supposed to and raised her head….lol

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