The Kendall and Kylie Clothing Line

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Sneak Peek at Clothing Line
A sneak peek of The Kendall and Kylie clothing line

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  1. janieka |  Posted at 5:10 pm Nov 14th

    kylie i seriously cant wait!!!! im gonna everything in there!! hahahha loveuee

  2. BerkleeMarie4 |  Posted at 5:25 pm Nov 14th

    I’m so excited!

  3. Caitlin McKissock |  Posted at 5:33 pm Nov 14th

    oh em gee, when does it come out. i am in the states at the end of this year. will it be out by then xx

  4. El Ustel |  Posted at 5:37 pm Nov 14th

    Wow! Congratulations! I am so excited, the clothes are absolutely fabulous! Where can I order? Will you ever release over here I the UK? I’m waiting!!

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    mikki_mccann |  Posted at 8:15 pm Nov 14th

    omg sooo exciteddd!! hope its cheep too! xx

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    ang |  Posted at 10:04 pm Nov 14th

    I love it but would that clothes go for people in there 20s

  7. Christina Abdilla |  Posted at 2:06 am Nov 15th

    Will it be available online or in Malta please? :)

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    ST |  Posted at 10:43 pm Nov 19th

    congratz girlss :)

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    Sagit Jeshua |  Posted at 2:00 pm Nov 27th

    Gorgeous love you!! You both girls will get far!!!

    Xoxo, Saga<3<3

  10. Liyah Nathan Lewis |  Posted at 5:00 pm Nov 28th

    love it

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    olivia kardashian |  Posted at 2:30 am Nov 30th

    I’m so exciteddd! But i wish it could be in the UK aswell, anyway it’s going to sell out immediately:(

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