Throwback Thursday: Disneyland With Dad

Kendall Kylie Bruce Jenner Throwback Thursday

Found this cute pic on Tumblr of me and Kendall at Disneyland with our dad!! We miss him so much while he’s over in London for the Olympics!! Love you dad!!!!

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    Lipstick600 |  Posted at 11:11 am Aug 9th

    Cool u look so small

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      C C |  Posted at 11:36 am Aug 9th

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      crimsonrose80 |  Posted at 11:03 am Aug 11th

      Vanessa here…you guys looked so cute…btw..Happy Birthday Kylie..I hope you have the best birthday…You deserve it…You guys are amazing….

  2. call-me-crazy80 |  Posted at 5:49 pm Aug 9th

    hey kylie its erika from the cody simpson concert on July 21st at the OC fair. i dont know if you remember me (its kinda hard not 2 hehe) i was wearing the neon yellow shorts and a goldish belt and a striped shirt with a pink bandana around my head. my friend and i were sitting in front of u and ally and ryan and greyson and billy (who by the way is completely adorbs!!!!) ya so anyways i wanna no if u remember me from that night haha and also tell billy unger hes hawt <3 ok yeppp if u remember pretty pretty plz reply :) yay!

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    Nat04 |  Posted at 4:15 am Aug 10th

    Happy Birthday Kylie !
    Nat’ from France

  4. missjenner |  Posted at 9:42 am Aug 10th

    KYLIEEEE!!!!! happy bdayyyy :))))))
    i love youuuu <333
    i didnt know your dad was in london, hahhaa thats nice!!
    i hope you have the best birthday eveeer, enjoy it!! hahaha
    much love from brazil, hahah me and my friends love you, you have the best personality
    te amo

  5. alina272 |  Posted at 10:24 am Aug 10th

    happy birthday kylie!!!!
    if you are reading this i hope you have an amazing day today! you know what they say about fifeteen year olds…..they are one more year of mishap and trouble compared to fourteen year old:) i hope you aspire to who you want to be and be a role model to those who need it!!!!
    Love you!!

  6. Yanica Rosemarie |  Posted at 11:06 am Aug 10th

    Happy Quince Kylie ♥

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    kardash_jenner_crazy_xx |  Posted at 11:39 am Aug 10th

    this is so cute! you’re both adorable. happy birthday by the way Kylie, hope it’s great! xoxo

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    ST |  Posted at 12:37 am Aug 13th

    cute pic.. ahh bruce’s cool papa i think :D

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