Throwback Thursday: Donkey Ridin’

#tbt donkey ridin’ in DR

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  1. Anthony Tamburino |  Posted at 4:00 pm Nov 29th

    i rode racehorses!!! doesnt look like you’ll get bucked off or will go too fast!!,,,but it does look fun!! have a ball!!

  2. Vince Criss Angel |  Posted at 9:57 pm Nov 29th

    WoW Nice :) Did U Have Fun Hottie :)

  3. LovveKylie&Kendall |  Posted at 10:58 am Dec 4th

    Donkey is sooo cute !! Love This :D xoxo

  4. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 11:27 pm Dec 4th

    like a funny lookin a girl tall as you riding a donkey hehe cute

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