Throwback Thursday: Prom!

Kendall Jenner Throwback Thursday Prom
#tbt #prom me and @julianbrooks ! my beesstestt friend!

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  1. Shadia Massoud |  Posted at 3:51 pm Oct 25th

    Oh you look so pretty <3.

  2. Felipe Triana Sierra |  Posted at 3:55 pm Oct 25th

    who that stupid hugging kendall

  3. kardashiankrazy2000 |  Posted at 8:53 pm Oct 31st

    love the dress and the guy is cute:)

    come to NEW ZEALAND!!!

  4. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 3:39 am Nov 2nd

    he looks nice and u guys perfect to be a couple hehehe jealous :D

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