Throwback Thursday: Towering

#tbt me towering over preg @kourtneykardash in the DR. face design by @robscheppy

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  1. Tiffany Blair Register |  Posted at 1:05 pm Jan 31st

    Oh my gosh, you are so tall!

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      jenniar56 |  Posted at 1:20 pm Jan 31st

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      ssee |  Posted at 1:24 pm Jan 31st

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  2. Sasha Monroe |  Posted at 1:13 pm Jan 31st

    Haha I knew this was gonna be this picture…love it! I’m actually even a few inches smaller than Kourt, so imagine how we’d look standing next to eachother :D xx

  3. Kristel Rodriguez |  Posted at 3:19 pm Jan 31st

    ah you’re so beautiful kendall! i’m the same exact height as kourt so now i know how much taller you’d be if i met you in real life!

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    fanfoun7 |  Posted at 1:07 am Feb 1st

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  5. Ivanna |  Posted at 5:53 am Feb 2nd

    Stunnin <3

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    ST |  Posted at 10:47 pm Feb 6th

    wow r u so tall or jus kourt iis so small

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