Visions of You

Visions Of You And I Still Linger Within My Mind But I Look To The Future And Know There’s More To Find. • The Wise Words Of @telana11

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    rafkardash |  Posted at 6:10 pm Nov 27th

    Hi Kendall and Kylie! I hope you read this comment and check out my tumblr for you and your family: and my twitter is @krazykardashbr

  2. SteButlerUK |  Posted at 10:07 pm Nov 27th

    Great pic love kylie

  3. SteButlerUK |  Posted at 12:53 am Nov 28th

    Just seen your tweet who wouldn’t except a face time twitter steb1000

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    kenDOLL |  Posted at 1:55 am Nov 28th

    Hiii Kylie you’re my inspiration and so is Kendall! I love you so much, your friends, family, clothes, hair and everything is so perfect. :) You’re both so down to earth and amazing I wish I could know you in real life, I hope some day you read this and I hope you are having a nice day :D oh and you know Sherri Hill? I’m getting one of the prom dresses for prom next year which you modelled I’m so so excited! Anyway, lots of love from a huge fan of you both from the UK. :D
    - Rhianne xoxoxo

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