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Kendall Kyie Jenner Welcome Fans to New Official Website Blog

Hi guys!!! We are sooooooo excited to launch our very first official blog! Our sisters have had their blogs for years, and we thought it was about time we got our own! :)

There are seriously so many exciting things coming up for us and we can’t wait to share everything with you here. School just let out for summer and so we have lots of free time to take cool pics, make videos and keep you guys updated on what we’re up to.

Have a look around and leave us some comments :) We’ll be checking in to respond to some of you later!!

xoxo Kendall and Kylie

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    1. Tony Gentile |  Posted at 3:33 pm Aug 11th

      Woohoo! Congrats, the site looks beautiful!

      • charlyn |  Posted at 10:18 pm Aug 12th

        hi girls welcome to the network! you are such success! congratulate them because of their age many girls have lost their objectives you no, you do not need to be in the shade of his sisters, you are as capable of suriro for yourselves ! the support you in all times, like all family members kardashian
        from Costa Rica, Charlyn

    2. giantiflores |  Posted at 4:32 pm Aug 11th

      I LOVE YOU GUYS! <333333333333333333

    3. giantiflores |  Posted at 4:32 pm Aug 11th

      i mean girls :) <3

    4. Peachsnapss |  Posted at 4:35 pm Aug 11th

      Your blog looks awesome girls! hope you like my username too:P hehe, love ya <3

    5. Silvina Rovella |  Posted at 4:36 pm Aug 11th

      I’m so exited you created this blog!! I always get in to your sisters’s one so now I’ll add this one to the list! Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

      muuuch love and kisses from Uruguay! (you could visit my country someday, haha!)


    6. Madi Konstantinov |  Posted at 4:38 pm Aug 11th

      you are my favourites, love you both forever xxxxx

    7. avatar
      joanne |  Posted at 4:40 pm Aug 11th

      i love you guys ! <3 (:

    8. avatar
      Larry21wright |  Posted at 4:41 pm Aug 11th

      I love you kendall and Kylie I was keeping up with the kardashians literally every Sunday your family is the most funniest/fun family!!! I wish I can meet you guys!! =]

    9. michelleodibo |  Posted at 4:41 pm Aug 11th

      you guys are my absolute inspirations please check out my tumblr blog, its dedicated to you guys!

    10. missleahxo |  Posted at 4:41 pm Aug 11th

      i lovee you guys <333

    11. Maria Claudia |  Posted at 4:43 pm Aug 11th

      Hi ladies! You both are amazing… you are my favorites Kardashian.
      You are like my sister and me… kisses from Peru, love u girls! xoxo

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      ElizabethHope |  Posted at 4:45 pm Aug 11th

      Soooo excited!! Will you do a what i’m wearing section like Kourtney does?! I LOVE your clothes and always trying to find out where you get them!


      • Peachsnapss |  Posted at 4:55 pm Aug 11th

        that would be awesome if they did that:D!

      • keepingupwithkylie |  Posted at 4:56 pm Aug 11th

        i have a blog and i try to post most of the clothes i find that they have if you would like to take a look http://keepingupwithkylie.tumblr.com/dresslikekendallandkylie

      • Peachsnapss |  Posted at 5:14 pm Aug 11th

        Oh thanks keepingupwithkylie i shall take a look!:D

    13. avatar
      dashjenneration |  Posted at 4:45 pm Aug 11th

      oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so exciting :D :D :D i literally flipped out when i saw that you guys launched the website :D congratulations! i’ll be visiting EVERY DAY!


    14. avatar
      iknowkardashian |  Posted at 4:45 pm Aug 11th

      I am so happy you have a blog now! It is just a great as Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’s. You both are so beautiful and such good role models! It would mean the world to me if you tweeted me! (@iknowkardashian) I hope you have an amazing day and enjoy your time off of school!

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      KJennerSource |  Posted at 4:48 pm Aug 11th


    16. Ryán Mac |  Posted at 4:49 pm Aug 11th

      You’s are absolutely amazing!!!! X x

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      michellekinney |  Posted at 4:50 pm Aug 11th

      dear kendall & kylie,
      im huge fans of you guys, you’re both such amazing people and ive watched all your videos on youtube, you’re so funny and honestly, my dream is to spend one day with you both because to be honest, me and my friends watch your videos and always say that we do the same crazy stuff you guys do! well i love you so much, and it’d really make my day if you followed me on twitter @miichelllexo, you guys are such great girls and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

    18. Laura Estefania |  Posted at 4:51 pm Aug 11th

      Congratulations, love your style ;) and follow you for sure. Cute blog!

    19. keepingupwithkylie |  Posted at 4:51 pm Aug 11th

      love you both you are great role models for many young teens. At such a young age you have made such an impact in this world. It would mean so much if you took the time to look at my blog keepingupwithkylie.tumblr.com.

    20. LeyaJade |  Posted at 4:54 pm Aug 11th

      You guys are the absolute best ! (: Ur both talented and beautiful (: Nd, I LOVE the show (: The site looks amazing and I love the pics ! U guys are realli amazing ! I’m realli a huge fan :)

    21. avatar
      Kacè Nikole |  Posted at 4:54 pm Aug 11th

      Love both you girls so much. I am so glad you got your own blog. No where to go but up from here. You two will do awesome, keep up the good work

    22. taayalexis |  Posted at 4:55 pm Aug 11th

      yay your own blog! can’t wait to see what comes up next for you two :) you guys are such big inspirations! :)

    23. MissJasmine_C |  Posted at 4:56 pm Aug 11th

      Ok so AMAZING blog!! I have been waiting for this forever!!! So glad teens can actually get to know you two! I would suggest you guys to blog like what you wear and where its from! I ADoRE your fashion taste (especially kylie) and i try to find it but its hard!!! You should do what Kourt does! Love you K&K xxxx

    24. avatar
      Kaitlyn |  Posted at 4:57 pm Aug 11th

      Love the show and you girls! And school just now let out for you? Wow! My school just got let back in session haha. im out from like May 23 to August 9th for summer! <3

    25. avatar
      californiagorgeous |  Posted at 4:57 pm Aug 11th

      I live in California too, but in Nor cal! Im 14. I think it would be really cool if you guys could do makeup tutorials, like you’re routine and stuff, and favorite products(: if you can follow me @crystalzisme it would be cool if you reply to this!

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      Georgia |  Posted at 4:58 pm Aug 11th

      Congratulations on the new blog! I can’t wait to see all of your new posts!
      Check out my tumblr dedicated to you and your family!!

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      lindsdnil |  Posted at 4:58 pm Aug 11th

      Kendall and Kylie,
      It’s super cool of you guys to get a blog to connect to fans of you guys. I always find it really genuine of celebrities to find a way to communicate with their fans. I am a big fan of the family show and admire the both of you as a teenager myself. I can’t wait to be able to keep up with the blog and what’s coming for the both of you! You both have so much potential and it’s really nice seeing you guys continue to work on each of your careers!

    28. avatar
      Adriana |  Posted at 4:59 pm Aug 11th

      Hey Kendall and Kylie, first I just want to let you know that you both are BEAUTIFUL :) I never miss an episode of “KUWTK” ♥ I love you guys :) Im glad you made your site, it looks awesome

    29. Rocio Martinez |  Posted at 5:01 pm Aug 11th

      I love your blog girls! Is amazingggggggg. It’s now on my favs pages haha
      You are so lucky girls. I love you<3

      Rocio from Spain :)

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      Jody |  Posted at 5:06 pm Aug 11th

      I love yur blog GUYSS!!!

    31. Genesis Carolina Betancourt |  Posted at 5:11 pm Aug 11th

      you guys are awesome. it reminds me of my family and especially kylie and kendall because i am 14 like kylie and my sister is turning 16 like kendall :)

    32. avatar
      itssydneyanna |  Posted at 5:13 pm Aug 11th

      you guys are so normal but amazing. i’m fifteen so i just idolize your styles. and happy belated birthday kylie ! twitter : @itsydneyanna ; love you guys (:

    33. tina mont |  Posted at 5:14 pm Aug 11th

      cum to chi-twon lol. but the site look great and i really luv u guys. trying to be a model but i gotta loose sum first.. i really hope that 1 day i can meet u guys and maybe chill but im not famous so i probably wont stand 0out to yall but either way still luv ya xoxo <3 #meetandgreet

    34. Olivia P. |  Posted at 5:15 pm Aug 11th

      I am going to be on here every step of the way, I am in love with you girls. I love your makeup clothes and you girls! So glad this site is launched! SO HAPPY!:) xx
      -Olivia P.

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      @chrisoberry |  Posted at 5:17 pm Aug 11th

      good site seems cool and intresting nice job

    36. avatar
      frank7 |  Posted at 5:20 pm Aug 11th

      Congrats girls ure both very beutifull

      i really like u kendall but u´re both GRAT!!!

    37. Jessica Kardynal |  Posted at 5:23 pm Aug 11th


    38. avatar
      Anitaty |  Posted at 5:24 pm Aug 11th

      I really hope that you will blog often. <3
      Im a really huge fan, and I promise you, Im your biggest fan in Norway!

    39. avatar
      AlexFernandes |  Posted at 5:32 pm Aug 11th

      Kendall! follow me on twitter @iAmAlexOfficial ull love my tweets!!!

    40. Nicole Renée |  Posted at 5:39 pm Aug 11th

      You dolls are adorable and I love the Kardash sistahs as well :) My best friend Nicole and I are like Khloe and Courtney twins<3

    41. Sthorai Akseer |  Posted at 5:39 pm Aug 11th

      Hey dolls :) So excited to see what the both of you have coming in the future for yourselves.
      Couldn’t be any more happier for you guys :)

    42. McSparin23 |  Posted at 5:50 pm Aug 11th

      i love you girls!!!!! you should com follow me @iBelieb2much….or @JB4EVER_GOMEZ!!!

    43. aishyy101 |  Posted at 5:52 pm Aug 11th

      Yay im so excited u guys made a blog! :)

    44. Michelle Lebiecki |  Posted at 5:54 pm Aug 11th

      yesss ! so glad that you girlss finally have yourr own blog ! can’t wait to see more ! <3

    45. MeganVetsch |  Posted at 6:05 pm Aug 11th

      Heeeeyyyyyyyyy girlies:)
      I love you guys! Your both amazing and im supper happy you have this blog!!!!

    46. avatar
      icebreaker1 |  Posted at 6:09 pm Aug 11th

      Love you both!! Can’t wait to see your posts!

    47. stephbabiii |  Posted at 6:11 pm Aug 11th

      you girls are awesome! love the new site<3

    48. stephbabiii |  Posted at 6:12 pm Aug 11th

      follow me on twitter: @stephbabiii

    49. avatar
      Kassidy |  Posted at 6:14 pm Aug 11th

      Hey, I am so glad you made a blog. I always go on Khloe’s, Kim’s, and Kourtney’s blog. I wish I went to the same school as you guys but I live in a random town in New York. And happy late birthday Kylie! I’m turning 14 too in 2 weeks!!!!!!

    50. Ana Clara Costa |  Posted at 6:19 pm Aug 11th

      Brazil loves you guys !

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