Welcome to the Good Life

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Kylie Jenner Mason Disick Driving Cars

Welcome to the good life #str8thuggin

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  1. Beverly Kwakye |  Posted at 4:02 pm Jul 13th


  2. catinapi |  Posted at 4:07 pm Jul 13th

    So cute , Mason and you are beautiful , these cars are very adorable :) Kendall youre smile is BEAUTIFUL :D MUA XOXO

  3. Jill Tidwell |  Posted at 4:13 pm Jul 13th

    You are beautiful like the rest of your family Kendall.

  4. Diego Archila |  Posted at 4:19 pm Jul 13th

    must admit the Lambo is just EPIC AS HELL!

  5. dankarpenko |  Posted at 4:22 pm Jul 13th

    Hello Kendall, I would love to meet up at Topanga Mall and just have a good time! You seem chill :)

  6. Starla Fleer |  Posted at 5:23 pm Jul 13th

    Oh great,now he can grow up as materialistic as everyone else in the family,great job-not.Why don’t you sell three of them and donate the money to children who have NOTHING,just sickening.

    • Courtney |  Posted at 1:07 pm Jul 17th

      Wasn’t even nessecary if you dont like how they live then why are you even on their site…girl quite hating..jelious much??

  7. Luckylol Wardell |  Posted at 6:53 pm Jul 13th

    beast dawg got pimp cars like his dad already

  8. Jack Dressden |  Posted at 9:44 pm Jul 13th

    We believe that every child born onto the planet has the potential to contribute to the common good,
    We respect the dignity and value of each child and will endeavour to provide them with opportunities no matter their race or creed.The needs of the children must come before the needs of the adult world.

  9. Ruben Nyom |  Posted at 9:47 pm Jul 13th

    life is good

  10. Sunshine Madd'Honeybadger Hatterstriss |  Posted at 10:12 pm Jul 13th

    thats just a super dope picture

  11. Troy Heidtmann |  Posted at 7:53 am Jul 14th

    @staria fleer Why don’t you leave them be. They have the money, and do a lot for others. What they want to buy their kids is their problem not yours. Why don’t you go donate everything you work hard for and tell me how it goes for you.

  12. Marianna |  Posted at 9:21 am Jul 14th

    You have a great life Kendall , I hope you really enjoy it .

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    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 5:15 pm Jul 14th
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    SophUK |  Posted at 4:25 pm Jul 16th

    You and Kendall are NEVER on KUWTKs enough ! I say do your own show :D

    • Kendall&KylieAreMyInspiration |  Posted at 11:36 pm Jul 17th

      this is Kendall LOL , and kendall you look adorable as usual ! x

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    ST |  Posted at 12:03 am Jul 18th

    ohh come on ken the car was not fit for U.. the car behind you is more suitable. leave mase alone :P hahahaha. love u guyssss

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    lorenarodriguez |  Posted at 8:42 pm Jul 19th


  17. Kylieisthebest |  Posted at 2:53 pm Jul 21st

    Haha look at all the haters Mason looks cute.

  18. Chris Fortney |  Posted at 12:05 am Jul 24th

    Kendall and Kylie I am a huge fan and I watch your show everyday! I think both of you are some of the prettiest girls I have ever seen! I live in LA and it would be such an honor to meet you guys and talk to you guys! I hope sometime we can meet because it would make me so happy! Thank you! :)

  19. Bob Grant |  Posted at 2:13 pm Jul 26th

    Great Photo!

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    selenaloveforever |  Posted at 8:31 pm Aug 4th


  21. ulanharrisondav |  Posted at 10:20 am Aug 8th

    He’s got better rides than me! Pimpin OUT

  22. Angel Rivera |  Posted at 12:56 pm Dec 14th

    love them

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