We’re on ‘Million Dollar Closets’ Tonight!

Kylie and I opened up our closets for HGTV’s show Million Dollar Closets and our episode airs tonight at 8pm so don’t miss it!! Love you guys!

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  1. Zouha Somerhalder |  Posted at 12:32 pm May 18th

    OMG definitely gonna watch this!

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    Erikk |  Posted at 2:55 pm May 18th

    I never watch HGTV. But I’ll check this show out tonight.

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      serena301amy |  Posted at 11:56 pm Jun 21st

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    michelle13 |  Posted at 10:30 am May 19th

    I will totally watch this now!!
    Btw, i am a HUGE fan, i love you and all your sisters!!!!!!! Wish i could meet you!!

  4. MassieBlock |  Posted at 5:05 pm May 19th

    I already saw these closets in Seventeen. com… What am I saying?! I’ll watch them again ;)

  5. heartxbeat |  Posted at 12:35 am May 20th

    Youre my fashion inspiration , I will watch it definitely:).

  6. Kdoll |  Posted at 3:24 am May 20th

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, hope i can watch it online…. Cause im from freakin narnia thats why i can’t watch it on tv, sucks! :(

  7. Ear A. RafRaf |  Posted at 3:30 am May 20th

    Can you post a link? for thoes of us that live otside the USA

  8. Ear A. RafRaf |  Posted at 3:31 am May 20th


  9. rhian |  Posted at 8:29 am May 20th

    yeah can you post a link

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    yantang |  Posted at 3:20 am May 21st

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    lexijade |  Posted at 4:20 pm May 21st

    Hey Kendall and Kylie you guys are flawless and there isn’t one day I don’t wish I was you guys! haha also I’m obsessed with your room Kendall and it would mean the world if you could reply and let me know where all your mirror furniture is from: the bedframe, nightstand, dresser, etc. Also where are your pillows from and rug? Too gorgeous! I’m redoing my room and want to do something like yours. Please let me know :) Thanks, you’re such an inspiration!

  12. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 2:36 am May 22nd

    You guys are really doing such a great job :) i love everything you do and its even cooler cuz you guys are successful :) i wish i could have watched this episode but I’m not in the US right now. will be looking for a link online :) Love yahhh! <3

  13. Kendall&KylieAreMyInspiration |  Posted at 5:19 am May 22nd

    upload moreeeeeeee photos pleaseeee ! <3 its funny how im so keen to see their new albums everytime lol , i go on their site everyday or 2 just to see if they have any new photos haha :)

  14. Australia1996 |  Posted at 11:55 pm May 23rd

    must watch just to see you kendall

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    serena301amy |  Posted at 7:56 pm Jun 20th

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