We’re On The Cover of ‘Teen Vogue’

Kendall Kylie Jenner Teen Vogue Magazine Cover

We are SOOO excited to finally reveal our Teen Vogue cover! This is such a dream come true for us! We love doing shoots together as sisters because we always have so much fun together. Do you guys like the cover? We shot it with Regan Cameron for the magazine’s March issue.

You can read our interview and see a slideshow of pics from the shoot on Teen Vogue’s website!

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  1. Nadia Wasilewski |  Posted at 8:24 am Jan 30th


    • @Kardash_ireland |  Posted at 9:49 am Jan 30th

      Hi Kylie… You and Kendall look so stunning. I cannot wait to get it :D

      I made this video for you and Kendall.. Its called JENNERation .. Hope you like it
      http://youtu.be/xjFaOhaJv5M :D

  2. Nadia Wasilewski |  Posted at 8:25 am Jan 30th

    Kendall and Kylie you’re hair look beautiful you are beautiful!!!!!! i LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

    • Nadia Wasilewski |  Posted at 12:48 pm Jan 30th

      i see win a trip to London fashion week we have a London fashion week here and i didnt know!!!!! im now going to hunt that fashion week down oh yea!

    • Nadia Wasilewski |  Posted at 8:52 am Feb 21st

      this is just a must have issue!!!!! :D

  3. Nadia Wasilewski |  Posted at 8:26 am Jan 30th

    can i PLEASE have a shoutout or follow on twitter please love you guys so much ♥ @NadiaGafur

  4. avatar
    Johanna G. |  Posted at 8:58 am Jan 30th

    Hi! My name is Johanna and I am French. I love your family but in France your nail polish, your collections and all the objects about you is not available … So I bought all the magazines where your photos are! And as they say in France: Je vous kiffe !

  5. avatar
    kardash_jenner_crazy_xx |  Posted at 9:33 am Jan 30th

    You guys are so beautiful xoxox

  6. avatar
    kkjennerfans |  Posted at 9:39 am Jan 30th

    You look so amazing! Natural beautys!

  7. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 9:42 am Jan 30th

    Soooo proud! i love you both <3 <3

  8. Kendall |  Posted at 10:36 am Jan 30th

    aneeeey kedi canınıza siziiin cimcimeler xoxo

  9. AdmireKylie |  Posted at 10:45 am Jan 30th

    I am blown away! Both Kendall and Kylie look flawless and absolutely stunning! I am so proud of both of them, and I can’t wait for the magazine to come out!

  10. avatar
    Abi |  Posted at 10:49 am Jan 30th

    Congrats n your cover!! loving the pastel outfits :) xo

  11. avatar
    SarahNicole |  Posted at 11:01 am Jan 30th

    You guys look stunnig but errr… “Kardashians in training” ?? You guys are not kardashians this is the new “Jenneration” remember? xo

  12. Erin O'Rourke X |  Posted at 11:20 am Jan 30th

    Kendalls hair is so light!!

    • Sarah Kayali |  Posted at 11:28 am Jan 30th

      kendall’s hair look much lighter here

  13. Victoria.kj |  Posted at 2:06 pm Jan 30th

    You both look amazing ! Im so exited to see this edition :D Love you both x

  14. Colette Gordon |  Posted at 4:28 pm Jan 30th


  15. kendallLoveYouColombia |  Posted at 4:52 pm Jan 30th

    MY GOD! Kendall & Kylie Can not Be More Gorgeous ♥♥

    Both Sooooo Stunning♥♥


  16. kendallLoveYouColombia |  Posted at 5:24 pm Jan 30th

    I Love Her Style♥♥

    Both are so amazing too are wonderful people♥♥ So GORGEOUS … SO PRETTY … SO CUTE …. SO BEAUTIFULL…. SO STUNNING ♥___♥

  17. kendallLoveYouColombia |  Posted at 5:26 pm Jan 30th



  18. kendallLoveYouColombia |  Posted at 6:09 pm Jan 30th


  19. haley_KN |  Posted at 6:38 pm Jan 30th

    Kylie you look a bit like Lucy Hale! PRETTY!

  20. Kdoll |  Posted at 2:56 am Jan 31st


  21. Australia1996 |  Posted at 10:07 pm Jan 31st


  22. KendallMafia |  Posted at 6:47 am Feb 1st

    LOVE IT! Kendall and Kylie this is definetly my favorite photo shoot of all the ones you’ve done together! You guys look stunning in all the pictures :) Can’t wait to get the magazine!

  23. aamaziing |  Posted at 9:26 am Feb 1st

    You two are so beautiful :)

  24. Cereenk06 |  Posted at 10:45 am Feb 1st

    You guys are so beautiful !!!! You both look aDOLLable

  25. avatar
    soph |  Posted at 11:22 pm Feb 2nd

    u two dolls look so fab, I luv that u both kept ur makeup so simple fr this cover

  26. avatar
    Daniella99 |  Posted at 3:08 am Feb 5th

    You guys have such beautiful hair, and i wonder what kind of hair products you use ? :)

    xoxo Daniella

  27. avatar
    Daniella99 |  Posted at 4:49 am Feb 5th

    I saw this video of you guys showing up your room on youtube and i wonder where did you buy the manican you got in your bedroom ?

    I always wanted a manican :)

  28. Jodie Shepherd |  Posted at 9:53 am Feb 5th

    Can I get it in the UK?xo

  29. avatar
    Vishal |  Posted at 5:46 am Feb 6th

    u both r looking very Gorgeous

  30. avatar
    anitam |  Posted at 3:45 pm Feb 6th

    hi please visit my blog http://www.6banaluciasblog.weebly.com

  31. avatar
    jademurphy123 |  Posted at 12:51 am Feb 7th

    Youse two are both amazing, i would die to look like youse<3

  32. nathan scott |  Posted at 8:24 am Feb 10th


  33. MassieBlock |  Posted at 10:42 am Feb 10th

    You both look ah dorable in that pic! Teen Vogue is my favourite fashion mag and now my favourite sisters are there too so it´s the perfect match :)

  34. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 9:44 am Feb 17th

    congrats…: )

  35. avatar
    ceslk |  Posted at 6:34 am Feb 26th
  36. saf-fire |  Posted at 12:04 am Mar 21st

    naws you two are totally cute and betiful i am so glad to have romodels like you in this world

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