We’ve Teamed Up with Glamhouse!

Kendall Kylie Jenner Glamhouse Jewelry Collection Announcement

We are SOOOOO excited to tell you guys that we have teamed up with Glamhouse to design our own jewelry collection!!! Glamhouse is the same company that Kim worked with to design her Belle Noel jewelry line, which we both loved, and we really hope you guys are going to love our collection, too. We can’t wait to start working on the pieces!!! We’ll have lots of fun sneak peeks for you before the collection is released in the fall of 2012!

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    kardashianlover845 |  Posted at 2:20 pm Dec 13th


    • @Kardash_ireland |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

      Hi Kyle,

      OMG! I can not wait to see them. It must be great to know people will be wearing what you designed. I am sure it will be a hit for people our age. Like fourteen up.

      Since it is christmas I made this video for you and your family with the help of loads of dash dolls. If you do see it tell me what you think on twitter —>>> http://youtu.be/nfxZ9JrzE-U

      Love form Ireland <3

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      zerajayne |  Posted at 2:39 pm Dec 17th


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    Burcu star sahan |  Posted at 2:22 pm Dec 13th

    your so nice<3

  3. yesac101 |  Posted at 2:41 pm Dec 13th

    Yay!! Exciting! :D xx

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    Msasser |  Posted at 2:41 pm Dec 13th

    yay :)

  5. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 2:42 pm Dec 13th

    I’m so excited!!!! I will buy every single piece of jewelry! love you girls!

  6. Number1Doll |  Posted at 3:01 pm Dec 13th

    Wohooo!!! I’ll be buying that jewelry! xo

  7. LoLa |  Posted at 3:10 pm Dec 13th

    Yeeeeeeey congrats girlz

  8. Cl Thatcher |  Posted at 3:10 pm Dec 13th

    I am your mom’s age and i think your dad and mom have done a wonderful job with you girls. It would be sooo cool to be able to show off this bag from you to MY daughters. They would be sooo jealous!! lol. It’s a beautiful bag and I would love to own it!!

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    alucas92 |  Posted at 5:23 pm Dec 13th

    choose me!!!

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    KylieJennerForever |  Posted at 5:41 pm Dec 13th


  11. selina09 |  Posted at 5:57 pm Dec 13th

    Yayyyy congrats. Can’t wait to see what you guys will be making :D

  12. uruguayangirl |  Posted at 6:29 pm Dec 13th

    can’t wait to see them!!

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    nadiaa |  Posted at 1:47 am Dec 14th

    congratulation !!!

  14. srshearwood |  Posted at 1:58 am Dec 14th

    WOO JENNERATION ! you go dolls :) all us fans are very excited eeeeeek !!! :)

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    JackLeon |  Posted at 4:09 am Dec 14th

    Hey Kendall and Kylie congratulations !!!! and happy birthday to mason aswell :)
    Jack xx

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    MisaLY |  Posted at 4:45 am Dec 14th

    I love that UNIQUE faces of you girls! ;)

  17. AnaLisboa |  Posted at 4:54 am Dec 14th

    I’m very excited!!! :D

  18. Rhiannon Berry |  Posted at 9:19 am Dec 14th

    you two are so beautiful…..And i have an outfit just like yours Kendall!! Muah xoxo

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    Abi |  Posted at 10:08 am Dec 14th

    Can’t wait to see the line and what you name it!! :) xx

  20. graciela_5427 |  Posted at 12:06 pm Dec 14th

    congratulation kendall and kylie :D and kendall i really love your blouse and kylie’s skirt :D

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    loveyoukendallandkylie |  Posted at 12:45 pm Dec 14th

    Can’t wait to get it! Your my inspiration.
    Follow me – _storey_c
    Or check out my Fashion Blog! WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU DID – http://christinastoreyfashion.blogspot.com/
    Christina xxx

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    Katie_ |  Posted at 12:57 pm Dec 14th

    Hey Kendall and Kylie
    omg Kendall you look well like Kim on this picture
    your gorgeous
    love Katie xxx

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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 1:14 pm Dec 15th

    omg this is great! kylie you should be the main creator of jewelry b/c you seriusly have the GREATEST style ever! love you! and kylie u look stunning in this picture!

  24. Michou Rogowski |  Posted at 2:17 pm Dec 16th

    I love you kylie hang out whit me one day

  25. Kdoll |  Posted at 6:38 am Dec 17th

    Good luck Kendall && Kylie to your new project. I know it will be a success!! x

  26. Emily Sabol |  Posted at 11:16 am Dec 17th

    yeh good luck kendall and kyile

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    jonajakobs |  Posted at 6:43 am Jan 1st

    good luck. Love you! :)

  28. Dany Bucio |  Posted at 10:52 pm Mar 17th

    Love your outfit Kendall.

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