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  • Kylie Jenner Concert Look
  • Kylie Jenner Concert Look

Kylie Jenner Concert Look
Hey guys! I went to the Justin Bieber concert the other night and decided to take my look a little bit to the rocker side. I wore a pair of burgundy leather pants from DASH NYC, a Brandy Melville top and finished the look with Louboutin heels. Obsessed with those leather pants! <3

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  1. Anna Bom |  Posted at 2:05 pm Oct 4th

    Obsessed with this look! Looks great on you Kylie!

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    KylieJenerr |  Posted at 2:58 pm Oct 4th

    @K_K_Jenner follow me

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    ST |  Posted at 1:17 am Oct 5th

    luv the color, cool leather pants.. u looks coolll hehe

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    MissKelly44 |  Posted at 10:36 pm Oct 5th

    Kylie you look fabulous! I love the pants and especially the shoes, but I just want to say that your body is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. kyliefan2807 |  Posted at 9:40 am Oct 7th

    gorgeous! just ignore the bad comments you get there just jelous of your looks and personality just ignore the lowlifes who say thoes thing because there only a minority! :) :)

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