What’s to Come

amazing shot by @nomadrj from when we were in Australia. 2013 is going to be the year! can not wait for what’s to come. #excited #blessed #LetsDoThis

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  1. Kelsi Mckechnie |  Posted at 2:46 pm Dec 31st

    Happy New Year Kendall! :)

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    abcdef |  Posted at 3:18 pm Dec 31st

    Kendall i live about 6,7 hours away and would me more than happy to make the drive to be your new years kiss. #justletmeknowwwwwwwwwww letmeknowwww twitter: @deepgill23

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    abcdef |  Posted at 3:19 pm Dec 31st

    phone number: 209-416-9979

  4. Rutendo Chinogureyi |  Posted at 3:34 pm Dec 31st

    Happy New Year Kylie & Kendall

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    abcdef |  Posted at 7:12 pm Dec 31st

    if that was you who called me earlier, call backkkkkkkkkkk

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    ST |  Posted at 11:22 pm Jan 13th

    yes, that was amaazingg shot!

  7. Julian Trillo |  Posted at 2:08 pm May 20th

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